Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection

I am a fan of Real Techniques, they are one of my favourite brands for makeup brushes. I actually own the Core Collection and they tend to be my go to brushes for applying my base. They are great quality soft brushes and have an affordable price so the average person can easy create professional looks. The Bold Metals Collection has been around for a little while now and I have been keen to try them out for ages. I was thrilled when I was very kindly sent the Bold Metals Collection and one of the new Powder Bleu brushes to test.

Bold Metals Collection

These brushes are amazing! The fact that they are weighted means they are easier to handle and the bristles are so dense that they hold onto product well. The angled handle means no irritating rolling on your makeup table. The bristles are a lot softer than on the core collection and the gradated colour just adds to the luxe feel.


Triangle Foundation 101

I am used to using more of a buffing brush along with a beauty blender to apply my foundation so I didn’t know how I would get on with this brush. It features flat edges which are great for covering larger areas of your face while the angled edges let you apply around your nose and eyes.

Triangle Concealer 102

The shape of this brush makes it perfect for applying concealer under your eyes and for covering any imperfections. Again the angled edges let you get close to your features.

Arched Powder 100

This is the perfect big brush for powders. I used this to lightly apply my bronzer for a sunkissed glow. It is the softest brush, picks up product well and like the other brushes it doesn’t shed.


Tapered Shadow 203

I am guilty of using the same two brushes for applying every shade of eyeshadow. I really didn’t realise how difficult I have been making things for myself. This brush is the ideal size and shape and just one sweep disperses product beautifully. It is very densely packed and shadows are very easy to blend with it.

Pointed Crease 201

This is the perfect brush for me as I always wear a slightly darker shade in the crease but tend to get a bit of fallout onto the lid and the under eye. Again this brush is densely packed and the tapered bristles allow you to easily and accurately apply shadow where you want it.


Flat Contour 301

I am never that accurate with my contour but this brush makes life so much easier. The shape of the head means you can angle it just how you want it. For once I actually have cheek bones! You could also use this brush to apply your highlight.

Tapered Blush 300

My blusher has never looked so good (can you tell I’m a Bold Metals convert yet) as the tip is designed to emphasise your cheeks. I would also use this brush for highlighting.

Powder Bleu

I was also kindly sent the Soft Finishing Brush from the Powder Bleu Collection. The brushes have been engineered so that you can layer powders evenly over one another without disrupting the product underneath. I tried it out by dusting highlighter over my cheek bones over the top of my blusher. It left me with a soft, flawless finish and drag my blusher. You could also use it to apply your blusher or for lightly applying contour to the hollows of your cheeks.

I fully expected to love these brushes but I am still surprised just how amazing they are. I can honestly say I have never been happier with my finished makeup look!


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