The Best Gucci Handbag Dupes

I’m getting really carried away with these posts now. They have become a weekly occurrence for the past two or three weeks now. I’m just really enjoying putting them together and I get to do a spot of window shopping at the same time. This week I’m focusing on Gucci handbag dupes. I think the designer has so many amazing bags that are perfect for this season.

Just incase you missed it I have already written posts on Chloe and Chanel dupes.

Gucci Handbag Dupes

Gucci Dionysus

From left to right: Gucci Dionysus, Dupe.

I love the look of this bag but I don’t feel like I love it enough to warrant spending so much on it. However, now that I’ve seen this pink version I am falling in love that bit more. This dupe is perfect to get a similar look without the price tag.

Gucci Sylvie

From left to right: Gucci Sylvie, Dupe.

I actually think I prefer this bag to the Dionysus and I would probably consider owning it. The genuine bag and the dupe are also both available in black and pink too.

Gucci Queen Margaret Top Handle Bag

From left to right: Gucci Queen Margaret, Dupe.

I am not a huge fan of the bamboo top handle so the dupe would probably be more me. I absolutely love the bee motif that Gucci has across several of its bags. I realise the dupe is quite different but there are still similarities. The colours are the same, just in a different design and the bee is still present.

Gucci Marmont

From left to right: Gucci Marmont, Dupe.

To be completely honest this dupe is a little too close for comfort to the original for my liking. I know the aim is to create a piece that has taken inspiration from the designer item but this feels nearly like a copy. The gold hardware logo to the front is almost identical and I don’t think that is really necessary.


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