New Season, New Style?

This past week or so I have been feeling dissatisfied with my ‘look’. I would probably describe it as a bit girl meets boy and it mainly consists of jeans, a shirt/ t-shirt and boots. The feeling started when I was getting ready to go to an event and I just couldn’t put an outfit together that I was happy with. First world problems I know. Half of the pieces I picked up I couldn’t even work out why I bought them in the first place. I even tried on things I have loved in the past and completely hated them now. One outfit in particular I loved when I last wore it but I was left wondering ‘what were you thinking’? Now I feel it’s time for a new style!

New Season

With the arrival of a new season it seems like the perfect time to refresh my style. Now the weather feels well and truly autumnal I want to inject some rich shades into my wardrobe. I have been busy updating my wish list so make sure you check that out.

I guess the dream would be to create a capsule wardrobe of pieces that I absolutely love. Each item would go with every other item and I would always have something to wear. I want to be able to throw anything on and know that it will look good. I suppose I want to look a bit more stylish and put together and as much as it pains me to say it, try out a slightly more feminine look (obviously with an edge).

New style

For me autumn is going to be about experimenting with my style so look out for more posts about this during Blogtober. In the mean time I’m starting by having a clear out. You may remember that I made my wardrobe ‘spark joy’ after reading Marie Kondo’s book on ‘The life changing magic of tidying’. I still haven’t been through my chest of drawers so I will be heading there next.

Ideally I will find that I already have basics that I can work with. While I want a new style, I don’t want to fork out on a load of new clothes, and to be honest I can’t afford to.

I have put together a few items that I’m hoping pick up this season.

Cashmere jumper

I have a real thing for cashmere at the moment. I really want a few cashmere jumpers that I can just throw on, look good and stay warm. If you buy cashmere from somewhere like John Lewis it is actually machine washable which makes life so much easier.

Leather skirts and trousers

I love wearing leather look trousers or coated denim jeans during the colder months. I’m also keen to try a leather or faux leather skirt this season. I think the leather looks great with knitwear and is such a fail safe outfit.

Floral dress

Last month I bought a blue/grey floral dress from Missguided and I’m surprised by how much I actually liked it. I am not really a dress person, I just feel more comfortable in jeans. Floral is definitely not my normal style but I think it might be time to try out some winter florals.

Sock boots

My latest love is sock boots. I tend to live in boots year round anyway but there is just something about the sock boot. I think how the boot hugs your leg is flattering and I think they would be comfortable to wear. There are so many pairs I’ve seen that I’d like to get my hands on.

Suede jacket

I have a black biker style leather jacket which I’ve owned for at least four years. I would like to try a suede effect jacket because sometimes I think my look light be a bit harsh. Suede feels and looks a lot softer and I think that looks great for autumn. I would probably go for a grey shade as I think a cooler colour would probably suit me better.

Denim jeans

One thing I will always love is a pair of jeans. I really want to invest in a new pair that fit perfectly and are just the right shade. I feel like finding the perfect jeans is actually surprisingly hard, almost as hard as finding a nice top!

Midi skirt

I’ve surprised myself in that skirts have featured twice in this list. I do own a pleated midi skirt and I’m keen to find others that are a bit more flattering. The one I have is made from quite thick, almost rigid material so it tends to add bulk. I would like to find one that flows a bit more in stead.

The idea with this list of pieces is that the cashmere jumper would go with the jeans, leather trousers and leather skirt. The suede jacket could be worn with the floral dress, jeans, leather pieces and the midi skirt. I could also wear the sock boots with every item. This means that I would always have something to wear!

Do you have a capsule wardrobe? Does the change in seasons make you want to try a new style?


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