The Best Chloe Handbag Dupes

I love the look of Chloe handbags but I’m not 100% certain that they would suit my style. The bags are not cheap so I wouldn’t want to spend all that money on something and then regret it. With this in mind I’ve been hunting down some Chloe handbag dupes so you can test out the look without the price tag.

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Chloe Handbag Dupes

Chloe Faye

From left to right: Chloe Faye, Dupe.

The Faye is one of my favourite bags and this dupe is near on identical to the real deal. If I owned the Faye in this shade (which I love) I would worry about colour transfer and getting it dirty.

Chloe Drew

From left to right: Chloe Drew, Dupe.

The Drew is such a cute bag and I really like it in the blue. I would be more inclined to buy this bag if it had silver hardware over the gold. The dupe is great for seeing if the gold would slot into my wardrobe.

Chloe Nile

From left to right: Chloe Nile, Dupe.

The Nile bag has been everywhere over the past few months and I think its popularity will run well into the winter months. It wasn’t sure when the bag first came out but it has grown on me. I think it is a quite a lot of money to spend on a small bag so if you like the look but don’t want to spend out then the dupe is ideal.

Chloe Faye Backpack

From left to right: Chloe Faye Backpack, Dupe.

I’m not a big fan of backpacks but I love the look of the Chloe. While the dupe doesn’t feature a suede flap, I still think it looks pretty close.

I do feel like a few of the dupes near on identical and I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing. On one hand it is great you can get the same look when you don’t have that kind of bank balance. However, on the other hand I do feel like there should be some design element that sets them apart, otherwise it’s a complete copy. What do you think of Chloe handbags? Do you own one, or would you like to?