10 Advantages Of Buying Pre-Loved Designer Clothing

While I wouldn’t think twice about checking out pre-loved sites for designer clothing and accessories, there are still so many people who wouldn’t even consider it. I have written several other posts relating to pre-loved designer in my quest to convince more people to give it a go like my post on ‘why there’s no shame in buying pre-loved designer‘. In today’s post I have given you 10 advantages of buying pre-loved designer clothing.

10 Advantages Of Buying Pre-Loved Designer Clothing

Higher quality

If you are thinking of buying a piece that is already 15 years old and in immaculate condition then the likelihood of it staying that way is very high.

Fraction of the cost

Buying items that have been pre-owned is often more affordable than if you were buying those same items brand new. Someone may be selling a dress they’ve only worn once or twice so it is essentially brand new but the price could even be 50% off.


The fashion industry is known for being wasteful so by buying, or basically recycling, clothing you are helping the environment. Purchasing something that has been use cuts down on manufacturing and helps keep items out of landfill. We shouldn’t just be buying pre-owned, we should also consider donating or selling on what we no longer wear.

Unique Style

If you are someone whose worst nightmare is turning up at an event wearing the same outfit as someone else then shopping pre-loved could be for you. If vintage is your thing then there is a wide range of styles to guarantee your look will be unique.

New stock

Consignment stores update their stock continuously so there will always be fresh pieces for you to admire. If nothing catches your eye there is a high chance there will be new items in if you wait a couple of days.

Doesn’t follow trends

Let’s be honest, our weather is often a bit ropey to say the least. Pre-loved stores don’t follow the trends so it is easy to shop whatever the weather. High street stores are already starting to get in autumn pieces but if you still want to shop for summer clothing you still can at a pre-loved store. Perfect if you are heading on holiday to catch that last bit of sun later in the year.

Shopping is more of an experience

I don’t know about you but if I’m heading to the high street for a top or pair of jeans I will try and achieve my task as quick as possible. This is even actually the case online When it comes to shopping pre-loved I am much more willing to spend time looking for the perfect item and the experience is much more enjoyable.


I have talked about designer being an investment in my post that asks ‘are designer handbags worth the money?‘ If you are buying pre-loved designer with the aim of reselling then pick classic pieces. Brands like Chanel up their prices every year so a classic is only going to increase in value.

Support local business

Pre-loved stores will generally be owned independently so you will be supporting a local business over a chain store.

Sell to buy

While you’re thinking of buying pre-loved designer why not take along pieces you no longer wear. Selling them may even pay for your new purchases!

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