Fashion Meets Mental Health With The “Are You OK?” Campaign

Many people hide their mental health problems as they think they will be judged. thortful aims to highlight mental health with their “Are you ok?” campaign. The card company has collaborated with fashion designer Gary James McQueen (the nephew of Alexander McQueen) to create a collection of cards that allow people to reach out and offer their support to friends or family.
Many of us have sent get well soon cards when someone has been in hospital, had an accident or just been ill and yet I’ve never heard of anyone receiving a card after struggling with their mental health. Is this because so many people are embarrassed to acknowledge the problem? We all like to hear that someone has been thinking of us and I’m sure just to know that someone recognises you are going through a hard time is comforting.
These exclusive cards take inspiration from Alexander McQueen as well as themes of life, death and rebirth. Gary previously suffered with depression and anxiety so he wants to encourage people to speak to one another.
“ I wanted to create cards that said; ‘I’m looking out for you’ , cards you might send a friend to demonstrate that you are there for them. A way to reach out with love”. “During some of my darker days a card from a friend or loved one reaching out to me would have made a difference. It serves as a reminder that someone cares about me and reminds me that someone is there; ready to listen, when I am ready to talk.”
Three prints designed by Gary James McQueen are featured in the collection. 100% of the profits from the limited edition range goes to Chasing the Stigma who are a mental health charity.

The Card Designs

Card 1:

‘Japanese Modernist Birds are all about Life.’ On this first card Gary has adopted Lee’s love of birds. This is probably my favourite card as I love the modern feel and splashes of red. It is actually something I would probably hang on my wall.

Card 2:

‘Carved Ivory represents Death’. This story is a nod to the Victorian era and the fascination for ivory at the time. It highlights the impact and lasting effect this trend has had on endangered species and the price that has been paid for owning it.

Card 3:

‘Moonlight Serenade encapsulates Rebirth’. This artwork is a story of Lee’s creative energy featuring distorted bodies. They represent a re-awakening of energy, very much like the explosive energy of a white dwarf star. As it dies it disperses to form a new established solar system.
The designs are printed on high quality A5 card and they can be purchased from the thortful website or via their app for £2.99 plus p+p.
What do you think of the campaign? Would you send a card?


  1. Laura
    August 13, 2017 / 10:13 am

    This is such an amazing idea! The first card is my favorite one as well.
    Lauraconteur ♥

    • lifesacatwalk
      August 13, 2017 / 10:14 am

      I don’t know why someone hasn’t thought of it before!

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