Why You Should Consider Renting Designer

Many years ago I was joking about renting handbags with a group of friends, completely unaware that it would actually become a ‘thing’. I previously wrote about why there’s no shame in buying pre-loved designer and I feel like that should also be extended to renting designer.

Renting Designer

Renting designer is great for so many reasons. Say you have your eye on a bag but you are worried you won’t get the wear out of it. By renting it you get an idea of how easily it slips into your wardrobe and your lifestyle. You want to know when you’re making a big purchase that you’re going to get your monies worth.

Another great advantage is if you have a really fancy event and want to carry something a little bit special. I have lost count of the amount of times I’ve bought something for a special occasion and never worn it again. By renting it eliminates that waste and comes at a fraction of the cost of buying designer. It also gives you access to multiple designer bags for less than the cost of buying one.

Increasingly bloggers are also turning to renting designer so that they can continuously create fresh content. Obviously you would want to have used the bag for a decent period of time if you were intending on reviewing it. I can completely understand why people would do this as there is always pressure to have new things for features.

Borrow From Bagsy

I came across Borrow From Bagsy through an online search. I got in contact with them and they were very kind in giving me a discount. I’ve decided to test out their service to see how easy renting a bag really is.

Once on their site you click on the ‘borrow’ tab and are shown the bags they have available. If a bag has already been borrowed it will tell you. If you particularly want that bag you can get in contact with them to find out if it will be available when you would like it. You can also rent as many bags as you want for one week, two weeks or a month. If you want a bag for longer they will try and accommodate you.

I selected the bag I wanted and decided to rent it for two weeks. Delivery is free and they will send you an email reminder when you need to return it. To send it back you just pack it up in the original packaging with the prepaid postage label and they arrange for the bag to be collected from your home.

My Bag Choice

I chose the small Givenchy Antigona in black. I have had my eye on this bag for a couple of years now but have never seen it in person. What put me off buying it was that I couldn’t decide on which size; the mini or the small. I feel like this is the perfect chance for me to make a proper decision on whether I do really like the bag and if I will get the use out of it. Renting for two weeks seemed like the best option for me as one week felt a bit short. Would I really get a feel for a bag in just a week? Two weeks gives me a chance to use it day to day and take it to any events.

I placed my order on a Saturday and the bag arrived on the following Tuesday morning with Royal Mail Special Delivery. It comes safely boxed up surround by packing material. Borrow From Bagsy also send it in a dust bag. Obviously not the original Givenchy dust bag as I can imagine there is a risk of people not returning exactly what they received. Apparently the bags also feature a microchip to ensure they receive the genuine bag back.

My Thoughts

As soon as I saw the bag I fell in love with it. It is the perfect size for everything I need. It easily fit my camera, gorillapod, iPhone 7 plus, purse, keys, diary and more. The bag came in absolutely immaculate condition with the shoulder strap. It actually looks brand new, there isn’t a mark on it! I would 100% buy this bag. It suits my style perfectly and I really don’t want to give it back! Renting definitely helped make my mind up on whether I wanted to own this bag.

One thing I will say is that I do feel under pressure to protect it because it isn’t mine. I’m very careful with my bags anyway, if I go out to eat they get their own chair. I was even more conscious that I didn’t brush against anything because I would be mortified if I marked it. Having said that, I absolutely loved using it. It really made a nice change and was such a simple way to switch up my outfits. I always wear the same thing and the Antigona really dressed up my everyday look.


Returning The Bag

Having received the bag on the 18th July, Borrow from Bagsy let me know that I needed to return it on 1st August. They sent me a reminder a couple of days before I needed to return the bag. I actually decided to keep it for an extra week and Borrow From Bagsy very kindly accommodated me. When it comes to returning the bag they will email me a pre paid postage label which I fix to the parcel and drop off at the post office. As I had kept all of the same packaging, packing the bag back up will be nice and easy.

To be honest, renting the bag actually felt like I was borrowing it from a friend. The service feels so personal and Borrow From Bagsy really go out of their way to ensure you are 100% happy.

As bags become increasingly more expensive year on year could renting designer be the way forward? I’d love to know what you think.


This is not a sponsored post however Borrow From Bagsy have very kindly offered my readers £10 off their first order with the code LAC10.



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