How Do Pre-Loved Designer Websites Guarantee Authenticity?

While I frequently search pre-loved websites for my dream pieces at a fraction of the cost, there is one thing that concerns me. How do these websites guarantee authenticity? If you are spending hundreds of pounds (even thousands) you obviously want assurance that what you’re buying is genuine.

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How authenticity is guaranteed.

Carefully selected

Pieces are often carefully selected. You can’t just walk into a pre-loved store with your designer items and expect to leave with a wad of cash. Stores will select pieces based on quality, whether they believe they can re- sell them and look for signs the item is a fake.

Proof of purchase

Potential sellers must be able to prove that they are the owner of the bag or clothing. Most bags will come with an authenticity card. Stores may also request to see a proof of purchase such as a receipt. This is so the item can be traced to where and when it was bought. Even if you’re looking to sell directly online you’re often required to upload your proof of purchase.

Detailed inspection

Pre-loved designer stores and websites like Timpanys, who are a trusted provider of genuine designer pieces, carry out a detailed inspection of all of the products they sell. As well as using their eight years of industry experience, they also use a third-party independent authenticator who ensures that items are the real deal. Some stores have also been specially trained by the likes of Chanel or Dior in spotting fakes.

Destroy fakes

It is against the law to sell counterfeit goods. Any item deemed to be counterfeit are often either returned to the owner with a processing fee or destroyed. Stores may also contact the police to make them aware. This sends a message to anyone attempting to sell fakes that the matter is taken seriously and should be a deterrent.


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