Finding Workwear That Suits My Style

Finding workwear that suits my style is a sponsored post in collaboration with Simon Jersey.

Simon Jersey are known for developing the uniform worn by athletes at the Rio 2016 Olympics, but how did I get on when  I came to find workwear for myself from their website?

Being self employed you can get away with spending your days in your pjs but there are times when you actually need to leave the house for meetings. I am always on the lookout for smart workwear that still fits in with my style.

Finding workwear that suits my style

Simon Jersey uniforms cover everything from hospitality and healthcare to hair and beauty. The brand has also designed a range of business wear that is ideal for those who work in an office environment. I took a look at their website to see if I could find myself an outfit.

Day to day I live in a shirt or t-shirt and a pair of jeans. If I want to look that bit smarter I always stick to a shirt but switch the jeans for a pair of more tailored trousers and a trusty pair of heels.

I searched the website and found their Essentials Slim Leg Trousers. The style combines a classic flat-front cigarette trouser cut with a flattering drop waist which creates a slimline silhouette. The trousers come in four colours: black, navy, graphite and plum. As far as I’m concerned you can’t go wrong with black trousers but sometimes I like to mix things up a bit with a splash of colour. In which case I would definitely go for the plum.

One of my favourite things to wear is a crisp white shirt; it is such a wardrobe staple. Simon Jersey have the perfect white long sleeved shirt (which also comes in black and pale grey). I always go for long sleeved as you have the option of rolling the sleeves up to 3/4 length. I hate short sleeved shirts, I just don’t think they look very nice.

Occasionally I do like to wear dresses. Dresses have the advantage of being your whole look, there’s no having to match tops with skirts or trousers. I have two favourite dresses from the site. The first is the Qualitas Polywool Notch Neckline Dress with is flattering sleeve length, notch detail and knee length. It is a modern take on a workwear classic. My second favourite is the Essentials A Line Black Shift Dress. It is smart but slightly more relaxed with its capped sleeves, round neckline and slightly shorter length. Most importantly it also has pockets!

Do you get to wear what you want for work?

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