Blogging When You’re A Private Person

I feel like this title contradicts itself somewhat and you may be wondering how can you be a blogger and be private. This is something that I struggle with as authenticity and staying ‘real’ are terms that are always thrown about.

Blogging When You’re A Private Person

Some believe that bloggers only show highlights of their lives and to a degree that may be true. After all who wants to watch a vlog of someone hanging their washing out or hoovering out their car. With blogs and Youtube you are letting people into your life. There are some brilliant bloggers who document in detail how they have struggled with their mental health and others discuss family or relationship problems. Personally I would struggle with this because I am incredibly private.

I started Life’s a Catwalk purely as a fashion blog. This has now branched out to include the odd beauty post and opinion posts. I am a very opinionated person and while I will always say what I think about something, I will never say how I feel about it. As far as I am concerned these are two very different things.

My blog is about fashion etc it wasn’t started to be about me. Last year I wrote a post on why I started fashion blogging so make sure you go and check that out. I know readers like to get to know the person behind the blog and that’s fine. I’m happy chatting about where I get my hair done and what I’m watching on Netflix, but anything in depth about my personal life is out of the question. I discuss my private life with a handful of friends and that’s it. I think its great if you are more forthcoming and want to share more details with an online community but this makes me very uncomfortable.

Staying Authentic

At the end of the day I don’t like to talk about myself. That doesn’t mean I lack confidence or hate being the centre of attention, in fact it’s probably the opposite. I would much rather find out about other people. You don’t need to know every single thing about a person to know them.

To me being authentic is being the same person online as you are offline. You could argue that by not over sharing I am staying true to that.