How To Shop Your Own Wardrobe

You will probably remember that I was on a three month spending ban (you can check out how I got on here) as I was trying to get my spending under control. While I am no longer on the ban I am still trying to watch how much I shop. I also hate feeling like I have nothing to wear and yet I have a wardrobe and chest of drawers packed full of clothes.

How To Shop Your Wardrobe


I little while ago you may remember that I had a major wardrobe clear out after reading Marie Kondo’s The Life Changing Magic of Tidying (if you missed it go check it out). You will be pleased to hear that my wardrobe still looks super organised! I know people that empty their wardrobes of winter clothes in summer and vice versa. I don’t really feel the need to do this but it is a good idea to make sure all your summer clothes are visable.

Look with a fresh eye

Now that you can see all of your summer pieces, try and view them with a fresh eye. It is so easy to get into the habit of wearing the same skirt with exactly the same top each time. Ignore what you normally wear with each item and experiment.

Try on

I know that trying things on is a pain but it really does make it easier to see what works and what doesn’t. Even if you think that items won’t look good paired together, just go for it. You may actually be surprised by what does look good.

Don’t forget accessories

Accessories have the power to completely change your look. While I have a whole drawer full of jewellery I am useless at wearing it. I am definitely going to get in the habit of thinking of accessories as a big part of the look I’m going for.

Find inspiration online

I love getting inspiration for outfits. I’m always keen to try new looks and find different ways of dressing up one item to get the most wear. I find Pinterest to be the best place to go for this. I am forever searching for street style or the specific item like ‘jeans outfit’.

How I Got On

I realised that I actually own quite a number of clothes that I tend to keep for occasions or events. I then generally only wear these things once as I quite often attend events with the same people. This is a complete waste of money. The first think I am going to do is start wearing these things day to day. If I buy something I really need to get the maximum amount of wear out of it. Not only will that help my bank balance but lead to less waste. Although to be honest I do always donate my clothes to charity.

I’m also very guilty of always wearing the same top with the same trousers etc. Take my peach scuba midi skirt that I bought from ASOS several years ago. I will always tend to wear it with my polka dot shirt and metallic heels as seen in my post on why you should experiment with your style.

Photo take by Alice ( The Middle Sister)

After starting to shop my wardrobe I actually found several other outfit options. I have put together five different looks to give you a bit of an idea. I have kept the skirt the same and just changed the top and shoes.

five outfits

Which outfit is your favourite?

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