Skinny Tan Limited Edition Rose Gold 7 Day Tanner

I’m a big Skinny Tan fan so I was thrilled when I was sent their Limited Edition Rose Gold 7 Day Tanner to try. The brands Express Mousse (check out my review) is probably my fave fake tan so I had very high hopes for their latest offering.

Rose Gold 7 Day Tanner

Skinny Tan Rose Gold is essentially a two in one tan. The guide colour helps you see where you have applied the tan. It also has a beautiful rose gold shimmer for you to enjoy while the tan develops. The tan needs to be left on for a minimum of six hours. You can reapply it for a deeper tone.

The guide colour has a deeper colour than the colour that develops underneath. You will be pleased to hear that even if you do streak the guide colour, you can’t streak the actual tan.

Once you wash off the guide colour you are left with a flawless, natural looking medium tan that lasts up to seven days. The tanner is paraben free and enhanced with Sweet Almond Oil and Gurana to help reduce the appearance of blemishes and cellulite.

I believe it is only available in Superdrug. Most importantly to note is that £2 from the sale of this tan will go to Marie Curie.

How I Got On

I prepped my skin first with the Pre-Tan Primer which exfoliates your skin removing dry and dull skin cells. This helps your tan to go on more evenly and extends the life of it. I also used the exfoliating mitt. The primer smells amazing and it has the perfect gritty texture. It works really well with the mitt to give a super smooth base. I focused on my knees, elbows, ankles and knuckles which are permanently dry.

I used the bright pink dual tanning mitt to apply the tan. It has a lovely velvet texture which gives the smoothest finish. When I squeezed the tan onto the mitt it had quite a thick creamy texture. I was a bit worried how easy it would be to apply as I tend to stick to mousse. The colour is also super pigmented so I thought I might end up looking like those people pretending to be statues at places like Covent Garden.

Rose gold tan
Before tan on the left, shimmery gold developer on the right.

Actually the tan was very blendable and it leaves a very gold shimmery finish completely unlike any other tan. The smell is also very different. There is no soggy biscuit scent (although I’ve never experienced this with any Skinny Tan product) but there is a smell that I can’t quite put my finger on. It isn’t unpleasant but it is hard to describe.

It dries pretty much instantly so I was able to dress straight away. I experienced no colour transfer onto my clothes so I was off to a great start. Now to wait at least six hours for it to develop.

The result

After six hours I showered the tan off just using water. You obviously lose the rose gold shimmer but underneath is a sunkissed glow. I am very happy with the colour on my arms and face which looks like I’ve been on holiday. I find that legs always take two layers of tan so I will be putting another one on.

My hands actually look the best they have ever looked with fake tan. My knuckles are normally so cracked and dry regardless of what I do that they often look a bit orange. There is no sign of that this time. I think it is down to the Pre-Tan Primer which has done an amazing job of smoothing them.

If I had to choose I would probably say that I am a tad bit darker when I use the Skinny Tan Express Mousse. However, if you are going out on the day you need to tan then the Rose Gold 7 Day Tanner is perfect. I think it would also be great if you have last minute plans and you haven’t tanned.



  1. June 16, 2017 / 3:05 pm

    Love your photography and the tan colour is so gorgeous
    Laura x

    • lifesacatwalk
      June 16, 2017 / 3:07 pm

      Ahh thank you 😊 the shimmery particles really catch the light!

    • lifesacatwalk
      June 17, 2017 / 3:49 pm

      Thank you!

  2. June 16, 2017 / 7:04 pm

    The name itself is so tempting!
    I also love the colour on your nails, stunning!

    • lifesacatwalk
      June 17, 2017 / 3:49 pm

      It’s Essie Penny Talk 😊

  3. June 18, 2017 / 1:50 pm

    Do you think this would be a safe for a pale clumsy tanner like me?! X

    • lifesacatwalk
      June 18, 2017 / 2:00 pm

      To be honest I think the safest, easiest, best smelling foolproof tan is the Skinny Tan Express mousse. It gives me the most natural colour, it’s easy to apply and it actually develops on my Casper skin.

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