Three Month Spending Ban – April

In case you aren’t aware I put myself on a spending ban to get back in control of my finances. You can check out February’s post for all the info and rules I have to follow. You can also see how I got on last month in March’s post.

While I’ve still made the odd purchase this month I feel like the spending ban has been a worthwhile exercise. Previously if I wanted something I would generally just buy it without much thought. Before I buy anything now I stop and think whether I actually need it. I also consider if there is an alternative or if I can get it cheaper elsewhere. I definitely feel much more in control of my finances than I was at the start of this little experiment.

How did I do?

The idea with the spending ban was to stop me endlessly shopping but still allow me to pay bills etc. My living costs have been higher this month but I think that I have done better with spending in other areas so it should have balanced out. I had to pay my car tax (£190) which I had completely forgotten about. I’ve also had a dentist appointment and an eye test and contact lens check at the optician.

I have also been out a little more this month. I have an event this week and I couldn’t stop myself buying a new dress, although it is a hell of a lot cheaper than I would normally spend.

Saving wise I am pretty pleased with myself. This month I have saved around £535 and over the course of the three months my savings total has reached £1085! To be honest I am completely shocked as while I do save a bit each month it is only a small amount because I believed I couldn’t save anymore. I clearly had no idea how much money I was randomly spending and I never really had much to show for it.

From now on I will be more mindful of where my money goes and will hopefully create a good balance between treating myself and saving for a rainy day.

Spending not including living costs:

  • Brunch at the Tamburlaine Hotel (delicious and 100% worth it) – £15
  • Dress for launch party ( complete bargain) – £10 from Boohoo
  • Ticket to hear Alexandra Shulman speak at Cambridge Literary Festival – £12