Finding The Right Sunglasses To Suit Your Face Shape

I love that sunglasses make your outfit look instantly more chic, especially if you’ve just rolled out of bed. The right shape frames can even enhance your features.

I own several pairs but to be honest I have a habit of forgetting to wear them, I need to be more like my sister who wears her’s year round. I thought that I would put together some top tips to help you find sunglasses that compliment your face shape.

Which sunglasses suit which face shape?

The first step is to decide which shaped face you have. Pull your hair back off your face and have a good look in the mirror.

Heart shaped

A heart shaped face is characterised by a broader forehead with a narrower jaw and chin. The frames that suit you best feature a wider top than bottom so anything like a cat eye style will look great. Rounded edges will also help to balance out your features

Square Shaped

Square shaped faces tend to have a broad forehead, wide cheekbones and quite a square, angular jaw line. To soften your features you could go for rounded frames. Retro style frames look good and you can even experiment with different coloured lenses.

Rounded Shape

A round face shape is full of curves which compliment geometric style frames. Consider trying oversized sunglasses with rectangular or angled frames.

Rectangular Shape

This face shape tends to be long and narrow and it looks great with oversized frames. Go for a large wayfarer style, square or rectangular sunglasses with thick frames which will add a bit of width to your face.

Diamond Shaped

A diamond shaped face is characterised by wide cheekbones, a narrow forehead and a narrow jaw. Frames with a slight curve look fab so go for an oval style. Ideally you don’t want the frames to be wider than your cheekbones so consider trying rimless.

Oval Shaped

Oval shaped faces feature gentle curves and they are the luckiest face shape as pretty much any style frame will suit them. Just avoid anything too oversized as these may swamp your features.

My Style

I have a typical oval shaped face which apparently makes my lucky when it comes to sunglasses. I have what I can only describe as a pea head and I have quite small features. While I love really oversized frames then tend to look huge on me. Another problem I have when it comes to sunglasses (and glasses in general – just ask my optician) is that I have lash extensions and have done for years. This means that while a pair of frames may look great, I may not have the ability to open and shut my eyes due to the camel lashes.

I have spent a fortune in the past on designer sunglasses. It seems that the only ones that accomodate the lashes are always the most expensive pair I find. However, on a recent trip to TK Maxx I happened to stop at the sunglasses stand. After trying on multiple pairs I came across an aviator style pair by Steve Maddern for £12.99. I always wear silver jewellery so the metal frames are perfect, and most importantly I can open and shut my eyes with ease!



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