Making Masculine Feminine – The Anatomy of Androgynous Dressing

I don’t think my ‘look’ has ever been hugely feminine. I live in jeans and you can pretty much guarantee that I have paired them with a shirt. Don’t get me wrong, I do like to dress up at times but I have to be in the right mood to wear a dress or skirt. You could argue that my style is somewhat androgynous so with that in mind I’ve taken a look at the different elements that make up my style.

Anatomy of my outfits.


Grey is probably my favourite colour and you can probably see this through a lot of my outfits. A neautral colour palette does lend itself well to a more androgynous look. Just think of black, camel, navy, white and grey. Quite often often I like to throw a bright piece of clothing or accessory into the mix just to liven things up.

White Shirt

A white shirt is definitely a wardrobe staple regardless of your style. I love it because it instantly makes your outfit look a bit more put together. I generally tend to pair a white shirt with jeans and a pair of boots. For a bit of a dressier look then go for heels with a pointed toe.


Loafers are one trend I’m keen to try out this year. The Gucci loafers have been absolutely everywhere and they don’t seem to be going anywhere. As you probably know I am generally always in footwear with a heel so this is quite a big step for me. Loafers or brogues are an easy way to give your outfit a slightly more masculine edge, even if you are in a floaty, girly dress.


I have really embraced layering recently whether it is a thin knit over a shirt or a leather jacket over a chunky jumper. If I’m layering I will stick to neutral shades otherwise I feel like I run the risk of looking like I’ve randomly put on half my wardrobe.


Another absolute essential as far as I am concerned. I own blazers it pretty much every colour but you can’t go wrong with a classic black tailored blazer. If I have an important meeting then I go for a blazer with tailored trousers and if I’m off out for brunch then its skinnies and a blazer, it can pretty much be worn over anything for any occasion.

Oversized Coat

I think that it look great when you throw and overcoat on round your shoulders. It just has that effortless chic. My double breasted camel coat from Topshop does a great job but I am looking to invest in an oversized grey coat this year.


  1. mystyle5
    March 8, 2017 / 2:43 pm

    Great post, I like the clothes you presented, such timeless classics! I love mixing masculine and feminine clothing, I think they bring each other out more.

    • lifesacatwalk
      March 10, 2017 / 10:04 am

      I think you get a nice balance when you mix and match pieces, like you say they bring eachother out more :)

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