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Three Month Spending Ban – February

Chanel Boy Bag Paris Dallas Collection

February 2016 saw me turn 30 and I decided that I would like to treat myself. I knew that this little gift would take the form of a hangbag but I wasn’t sure which one. I always like to make considered purchases especially when it comes to designer. Fast forward nearly a year and I am hurtling towards 31 and still no bag. I wanted this item to be something I would keep forever and be something that I wouldn’t normally be able to justify.

January 2017 and the perfect opportunity arose. I came across a pre loved Chanel Boy bag being sold byClaire from I am Chouquette and it was absolutely perfect. To buy it I decided I would use inheritance I’d set aside mainly for a house deposit. The chance to own such a beautiful piece of Chanel wouldn’t come around again so I knew I wouldn’t be wasting this money.

Chanel Boy Bag Paris Dallas Collection

I realise that what I spent is a lot of money but I don’t regret it at all. However, I thought that it might be interesting to put myself on a spending ban (I have been a little spend happy recently) to see how I get on. I would like to feel back in control of my spending and save as much money.  I also like to try and pay myself back for big purchases. Three months seemed like a good target as it will be a challenge for me particularly as I am forever finding things I ‘need’.

The Rules:

My wages can only be spent on essential living costs, food, phone bill etc.

I will also still be paying for existing direct debits like Netflix.

No buying clothes or shoes.

No going out for dinner.

I will be documenting it all on the blog so you will all get to see if I slip up and how much I manage to save.

How Did I Do?

I’m not going to lie, I did slip up a little bit but my spending was much more in control than normal. I did buy a couple of things and I also got my hair done. In my defence it was my birthday and I hadn’t had it done since about May so it was more of a necessity! This month has gone well over all as I managed to pay off my credit card and save £200 on top of that.

Spending not including living costs:

  • The life changing magic of tidying – £7.69
  • Blog background – £7
  • Full head highlights and cut – £90

Total: £104.69

I am aiming to reduce this amount even further this month and save even more!


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  1. Love the bag! I’m doing it the other way around. Been saving for ages for a shopping trip with a friend so haven’t bought anything for myself in months! Its going to feel really odd splurging out when the time comes.

    1. lifesacatwalk says:

      I’m so jealous of your shopping spree! I’m basically avoiding going in any shops and I daren’t go online either in case I lose self control.

  2. Snap Ally!! I’d find it too hard to save after the purchase I think! So impressed with you Gemma, and that bag is INSANELY gorgeous.

    1. lifesacatwalk says:

      When I bought my car I paid myself back for it, it did take forever though. I’ve never stopped myself from spending though so I’m not sure how well this is going to pan out. I thought I might be forced to rein it in if I posted my failings on the blog for everyone to see!

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