Falling Back In Love With Blogging And Upping My Game

Around this time last year I went through a period where I felt like I had lost my enthusiam for blogging. It happened because I didn’t know what direction I wanted to take the blog in and I had a serious case of bloggers block. While blogging is my hobby and I do blog for myself, comparing yourself to other bloggers is inevitable. In August I wrote a post on ‘how to get your enthusiasm back for blogging‘ and since then my enthusiasm has just grown.

October saw me take part in Blogtober and I took part in Blogmas in December which I really think that helped. I absolutely loved blogging everyday and really missed not doing that in November. To be honest I don’t think I would be able to sustain that level of blogging over a period of time but I really enjoyed every aspect of it from writing and shooting to editing and promoting.

With the arrival of the new year my creativity is at an all time high. I really want to start the year how I mean to go on. I feel like I really need to up my game this year with regards to my content and my imagery. I am conscious that I would like to blog at least twice a week and don’t find writing content a problem; it is being able to shoot the images. I rely heavily on my sister for this so can only shoot when I see her. We also tend to be in a rush and that is a major thing I want to change. I’m keen to be the best that I can be only posting beautiful photos of outfits that I adore. I want to be able to take time over the little details that so often get forgotten. I’m also really going to be focusing on the locations that I shoot in. I hate having backgrounds that just look like an after thought. I want to love the image as a whole, not just what I’ve chosen to wear.

I’m keen to be the best that I can be only posting beautiful photos of outfits that I adore. I want to be able to take time over the little details that so often get forgotten.

While I want to blog at least twice a week I also don’t want to feel under pressure or like I’ve failed if I don’t manage it. I feel like this year is going to be more about quality than quantity.

When it has come to my social media platforms my posting can only be described as somewhat sporadic (everytime I use that word I think of Cher in Clueless). This is something else that I’m looking forward to changing. I’ve started setting aside time to think about my social media content and plan a strategy. In the past when it comes to posting out the link to my blog posts I generally focus on that post for literally that day and then forget about it. This last week or so I have come to realise that is such a waste when so much effort has gone into a post. Quite often they are still relevent in which case why not intermittently get them back out there.

I also  mentioned in my goals for the year that my big blogging goal is going to be starting vlogging. I want this to be something I can do as and when rather than saying I want to vlog a certain amount of times a week. I don’t feel 100% confident doing it or editing so I want there to be zero pressure. If I am going somewhere or doing something that I think you would like to see then I will aim to vlog it. I’m certainly not at the stage where I feel I can commit to it just yet.

I’m sorry if this has been quite a chatty, rambly post but I felt like I wanted to get my thoughts off my chest and it really helps to see your aims written down. I really hope that this level of enthusiasm and productivity that I’m feeling extends well into the new year!



  1. January 11, 2017 / 6:58 pm

    I can relate to this so hard..I love blogging and writing comes pretty easily, but the time to take photographs is not there at all 🙁 Great post though; best of luck in 2017!

    mia // https://okaaythen.com

    • lifesacatwalk86
      January 11, 2017 / 6:59 pm

      Thank you, good luck to you too!

  2. Alice💖
    January 14, 2017 / 9:33 am

    I relate to this a lot, good luck with the blog this year 👏🏻👏🏻

    • lifesacatwalk86
      January 14, 2017 / 10:50 am

      Thank you 😊

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