Grow Gorgeous Shine Serum Review

I was lucky to be sent products by Grow Gorgeous back in October and I have to say I was impressed by them (go and check out my review) so I was excited to hear that they wanted to send me their latest product to try out.

On Christmas Eve a package arrived with their Shine Serum wrapped inside, just like an early Christmas gift. I have to say that I have had a bit of a love hate relationship with shine serums in the past. There are various brands that I avoid completely purely because their products make my hair look lanky and greasy regardless of how little I apply.

I love that this product is free from sulphates and parabens and its formula is lightweight without leaving a greasy film behind on your hair or on your hands. It uses technology that is a blend of moisturiser, primer and a refractive top coat that reflects light and adds shine.

The Grow Gorgeous Shine Serum does actually do what it says on the tin. I used three drops to start off with but ended up using five as my hair is quite thick. You just rub it between your hands and then apply through the lengths of your hair avoiding the roots. It did add a shine to my hair which I think would be more noticeable on a brunette than a blonde. The box says for best results use on towel dried hair but used it on dry hair as I prefer to use serums as more of a finishing product. I think I will give it a go on damp hair just to see if there is a difference.

I actually found that the Shine Serum does a brilliant job of smoothing flyaways and giving my hair a sleeker finish. It also leaves your hair with an amazing smell that reminds me of when you have a treatment at the salon. If you are off out for New Years Eve then this would be the perfect product to give you glossy looking tresses!

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