Looking Back At 2016 On The Blog

I feel like so much has changed in the past year and Life’s a Catwalk is gradually getting closer to where I want it to be. This year I decided I wasn’t going to coast along anymore and made the decision to completely redesign the layout while keeping my much loved logo. Redesigning gave the blog a sleeker appearance and made it so much easier to navigate.

Another big decision was to broaden the topics I blogged about. I always felt as a fashion blogger that I had to rigidly stick to fashion which meant missing out on some great opportunities. Now I blog about literally anything I want. I would still call myself a fashion blogger but there are now bits of lifestyle and beauty thrown in for good measure.

I also had the chance to work with some great brands this year like Grow Gorgeous and L’Occitane whether it is by reviewing products or collaborating on sponsored posts. I have attended more events this year too like the Camb Meet Up #ChristmasBloggersBash, Lilac Rose Emily and Fin Event, Elegant Atelier’s 1st birthday and Catesby’s Blogger Event. It has been great to get the chance to meet some new bloggers (while catching up with ‘old’ faces) and this is something I would like to do more of next year.

I really started posting photos of myself on the blog in the summer and this has continued. I had always avoided it in the past just because I am more comfortable behind the camera than in front of it. I am not good at posing at all and am not remotely photogenic but I love being able to show different looks I have experimented with.

I have been thinking ahead to blogging next year and would love to build a relationship with more brands that I am already a fan of. I would also like to improve on outfit photos and post more of these from new instagramable locations. The biggest thing I have been thinking about is vlogging. I have tried about three times to film when I am at various events but I either get halfway through the event and forget to film or watch what I’ve filmed and pick holes in it so much that I can’t post it. I’m hoping that with a bit of practice I can improve and actually post out some vlogs.

If anyone has any top vlogging tips I would love to hear them!


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