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Why It’s Ok To Want To Blog Full Time

I absolutely love blogging, if I didn’t then I obviously wouldn’t be doing it. I would love to blog full time and there seems to be a bit of a taboo surrounding admitting this. Bloggers are still being frowned upon for creating sponsored content and making money from their passion.

I have nothing against bloggers who want to keep their blog as a hobby, I know so many people who are more than happy to keep things like this. I am already self employed and to be honest I would really struggle to go back to being employed. For me as a freelance writer making an income from my blog would just be an extension of what I’m already doing.

I think that it would be amazing to be able to turn my hobby into a career and I see nothing wrong with it. When accepting sponsored content most bloggers don’t just throw whatever on their blogs, they only work with brands they are passionate about and that fit well with their blogs. Staying authentic is what’s important.

To be fair there isn’t really much difference between a post that is sponsored and one that isn’t. They both take the same amount of time to create just one has been supported by a brand. I hate it when you see comments from bloggers and non bloggers alike on a sponsored post saying that it is only being written about because it’s been paid for and even that the blogger has essentially been paid to like the product.

We should all be trying to support eachother whatever we choose to do. I only blog part time but I can imagine blogging full time takes a hell of a lot of work. As well as the writing, shooting and editing you need to be making enough money to cover your bills and living expenses by pitching ideas to brands and attending meetings, it is by no means easy. Like being self employed you are solely responsible for your income.

You spend the majority of your life working and so many people hate their jobs, dreading going into the office each day. If you had the ability to do something you love everyday then of course you are going to grasp that opportunity.

Would you like to turn your hobby into a business? What do you think about bloggers being paid for creating posts?