Bondi Sands Liquid Gold Review

I don’t know about you but I always feel better about myself when I have a tan. I think I look better which makes me feel more confident, so when it comes to a night out, party or event I prefer to be tanned. I am naturally very pale, so pale that I could give casper a run for his money. I wish I could be one of those girls that look amazing with their natural pale skin but my skin tone isn’t even, I rarely wear makeup which doesn’t help and I’m permanently tired which makes the situation ten times worse.

I have tried pretty much every brand of fake tan under then sun and used to regularly get spray tans. For some reason I have been struggling to get the colour to take on my skin. Yes, I’m really THAT pale. I tried Bondi Sands Self Tan Lotion in the summer and it is the best tan I’ve tried in years. I find that tans always seem to go on well and the developer always looks an amazing colour but when it comes to showering the developer off the whole lot pretty much comes off. I do lose a bit of colour with the self tan lotion but find it to be the best tan out there. I’m also a fan on Bondi Sands because their tan doesn’t smell like mouldy biscuits, just fresh coconut.

With all this in mind when I heard about the brands Liquid Gold Self Tanning Dry Oil I felt like it could be the answer to all my prayers. With this tan there is no need to shower afterwards, you just apply it and then get dressed. So how did I get on?

I exfoliated my legs the day before tanning and applied a little body lotion to my knees just before the Liquid Gold. The instructions say to mist over your skin and then smooth over with a tanning mitt for even application. I would recommend standing in your bath when it comes to the misting as if you’re anything like me you will spray it everywhere. It goes on really well and I think it helps that it is enriched with Argan Oil which makes application even smoother. The tan dries straight away so no waiting around to get dressed. I hate having to make time to tan and it just becomes a massive ordeal hanging around for six hours looking like you fell in a vat of creosote. The colour is a golden brown straight away which I would actually be happy with as an end result but it does take 2-3 hours to develop.

The after photo was taken only an hour after application mainly because by the time it has developed fully it will be too dark to take a photo. I will update the post again after it has completely developed. I’m really happy with this shade already, and there isn’t a hint of an orange tone at all. There is also no transfer on my clothes! I used to hate tanning overnight and waking up to tanned bed sheets. If tan develops well on you then it is likely that you will achieve a deeop golden tan. I think Liquid Gold will be my new go to for tanning!

Do you use fake tan? Which brand is your favourite?


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