Macadamia Natural Oil Review

You may remember me saying that I went along to the Camb Meet Up #ChristmasBloggersBash, and while I was there I happened to win some Macadamia Natural Oil products. I have never used this brand before so thought that I would write a little review.

The products contain a blend of Macadamia and Argan oils which are rich in Omega 7, 5, 3 and 9 fatty acids to nourish and repair your hair. They are ideal for those with dry, damaged hair like me and I think that my straw like tresses will really put them to the test. What I love about the products is that they are colour safe and free from sulphates and parabens.

Rejuvenating Shampoo

I didn’t need to use much of this to get a good lather which I really like. I know you aren’t supposed to create a huge amount of foam when washing you hair as it doesn’t actually cleanse it, but this was just the right amount to make me feel like the shampoo was doing its thing. I massaged my scalp and roots well before rinsing it out thoroughly and my hair instantly felt cleaner and fresher.

Moisturizing Rinse

This conditioner has a luxurious, silky quality and a lovely scent. I applied a generous amount all over my hair as even though the ends tend to be drier, the roots aren’t much better. The bottle says to leave for 30-60 seconds so I obviously went for the maximum amount. After rinsing it out my hair did feel softer but to be honest I would still normally apply a hair oil after this to really seal my split ends. I won’t be doing that this time though as I’m also trying out a masque.

Deep Repair Masque

This masque has a very thick consistency so I did wonder whether it would make my hair slightly flat and greasy, which is what has happened with masks I’ve tried in the past. Regardless of that I thought I may as well just go for it so I slathered it all over my hair from roots to ends. The tub says to leave it on for up to seven minutes so I aimed for that and finished having my shower before rinsing it off. I was worried my hair would feel a bit slimy but it actually felt very silky and soft. The masque did take quite a bit of washing out but I think that is possibly down to its consistency.

I knew my hair was dry but I didn’t realise just how coarse it was until after trying these products. It only really starts to feel softer if I straighten the life out of it but I am sat here with it in its natural crazy state and it looks and feels healthier already. I now feel like my hair is in slightly better condition ready for a fresh lot of bleach to be applied, my roots are so bad I’ve achieved an almost ombre look!

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