How I Get In The Festive Spirit

As I’ve got older I’ve found it harder to feel Christmassy┬áso I have a little routine every year that always seems to help me get into that festive spirit.

Holiday Films

It has become tradition every year to watch my two favourite Christmas films and it doesn’t feel like Christmas until I’ve seen them. The first is Love Actually which I think is a film that everyone loves, I really like how all of the character’s stories are intertwined. My ultimate favourite is actually The Holiday, and not just because I want to own Cameron Diaz’s wardrobe. They both make for easy watching, snuggled up under a duvet with a hot chocolate and snacks.


Christmas has well and truly arrived when the decorations have come out. To be honest I am normally quite late doing this and have been known to still be putting them up the weekend before the big day. I don’t tend to go overboard. I have a real tree which is actually potted so it lives all year round and is brought into the house and decorated for Christmas. I always use baubles that belonged to my grandparents which have a lovely vintage look.

Days Out

I love checking out local Christmas fairs in the run up to the big day. You get the chance to sample food from some amazing stalls that you wouldn’t normally come across and pick up some great gifts that you won’t find anywhere else.


I have been eating mince pies for weeks now and have got through more boxes than I care to admit. Mince pies, shortbread and a box of Quality Street always make me feel like Christmas is here.

Wrapping Presents

What could be more festive than wrapping up all the gifts you chose for friends and family. Every present that I wrap has to look perfect with coordinating paper, ribbons and a tag, I just think they look so much nicer under the tree. While I’m wrapping I like to have the Christmas tunes on so I can sing along.

What do you do to get into the festive spirit?

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