The Difference Between Fashion and Style

When people talk about fashion and style they often interchange them but they are actually very different. Calling someone stylish is not the same as calling them fashionable. So what is the difference, and which is better?

Fashion is all about the now and it is just getting faster and faster from catwalk to store. You are only really on trend for six months of the year before it is all change again. Style on the other hand is more unique to an individual. You can use your own style to express yourself and who you are.

Fashion says ‘me too’. Style says ‘only me’.

To be honest, for me they are both important. I love to take inspiration from the latest trends and incorporate them to suit my own style. Take the outfit in todays post for instance. I tend to always live in jeans, shirts and boots but sometimes I want to switch up my look slightly. As I mentioned in a previous post, embroidery is still a big trend and I have easily slotted the trend into my everyday look with this bit of detailing to the back of my shirt.

Which do you think is more important? Would you rather be stylish or fashionable?

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