Smashbox Comes To Cambridge + Liquid Lips Review

I found out that Smashbox was coming to Cambridge literally the day before they opened. I have never tried out any of the brands products before so I was keen to go along and pick up a couple of pieces.


If you know Cambridge well Smashbox is located in the old MAC store now that MAC has moved to inside John Lewis. It has been completely refitted and actually seems so much bigger. As soon as I went in I was greeted by Rayna who asked if I needed any help.


I explained that I was looking for a liquid lipstick in either a nude or a pink shade. Rayna selected In Demand which is nude and Baja Bound which is a coral pink. She took me over to the mirrors, which had lightbulbs all around the outside (I need this), and applied one after the other so I could see what they looked like and how they suited me.


I decided to go for Baja Bound because it almost looks like your natural lip colour but elevated slightly, and also went for a lip liner in Rosebud as I think it gives a nicer, cleaner finish if you apply a liner first. My lips are naturally very dry, particularly at this time of year, so Rayna suggested that I put a little lip balm on underneath. All of the staff were so helpful and really seemed knowledgable about the products.


I really wanted to test out the liquid lips so a trip out the following day proved to be the perfect opportunity. I made sure I exfoliated my lips first as matte lipsticks tend to highlight any uneven surface. I followed this up with my usual L’Occitane lipbalm before lining my lips and applying Baja Bound. The formula dries quite quickly which meant I was able to enjoy a quick cuppa before heading out. My cup showed no transfer so it passed the first test! I spent all day eating and drinking without experiencing any transfer or fade in colour. Towards the end of the day my lips did feel a tad bit dry but I could have applied a little lipbalm on top if I was that bothered. Overall I was feally happy with my purchases and most importantly I didn’t end up with any of it over my teeth which always tends to happen with regular lipstick.


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