Last Day Of Blogtober 2016!

I can’t believe that I made it through Blogtober! I have enjoyed blogging each day way more than I thought I would. Yes it has been a bit of a challenge but in a good way and I’m so pleased that I have been able to experiment with my content ideas. I’m now feeling inspired to refine how I blog and what I blog about in the coming weeks. I think I might give myself a week off from blogging just so that I’m not forcing content for Wednesday (when my next post would normal go live).


Looking back over the month I think that my favourite post probably has to be Single at 30. It was nice to be able to talk personally about how I feel and have so many of you contact me to say that you feel exactly the same

Another post that I loved writing was Dressing Your Age, again because I could share my thoughts with you. It was nice to be able to do quite a chatty post and speak freely about something I feel strongly about.


Fashion wise I have had some great new purchases this month particulary from Karen Millen, but I was also able to dig out some old favourites from the back of my wardrobe and give them a new lease of life.

Blogtober also gave me the chance to feature a bit of beauty when I decided enough was enough and I should really invest in a new foundation that actually matched my skintone. Beauty wise I also got to review some great products from Grow Gorgeous and enjoy an amazing facial at Origins.

Now all I’m wondering is do I attempt to start vlogging? Does anyone have a blog post on editing?

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