My Blogging Goals

Recently I’ve been feeling a bit down about blogging. I still really enjoy doing it and I’m so glad that I started but I just feel like I’m not getting anywhere. I have spoken before about losing my enthusiasm for blogging and comparing myself to other bloggers but this time I don’t feel like that is what this is about. I guess it’s that I have been putting more effort in recently, because I’ve wanted to, but part of me does feel like my efforts are a bit wasted. Maybe I just feel like I’m coasting along. In every aspect of my life I am generally trying to achieve aims that I have set myself so I thought I would apply that same mentality to blogging. I think that by setting myself realistic goals for the rest of this year I will be left with a sense of achievement.


Keep Improving On Quality

This applies to my images and my written content. If I look back to when I first started blogging there is a noticeable difference in what I was producing then to my content now. I want to keep evolving the blog so that it accurately represents me. I know that it will be impossible to be 100% happy given that nothing is perfect  and I believe there is always room for improvement in everything you do. But I want to get to a place where I can sit back and feel proud of what I’m doing. I’m also going to be experimenting with the content I create and how I present it.


Social Media

This last week or so I have tried to be a bit more present on social media and Instagram in particular. I regularly post on Twitter and Facebook as that’s the best way I have found to promote my posts. I find it quite easy to build followers on Twitter and while I don’t have a lot of Facebook followers the amount of traffic I get to the blog has been increasing. I love Instagram but I find it hard to build a following. I know a lot of this is down to me not posting frequently enough so I shall be aiming to post everyday to see if that makes a difference.


Set Aside Time

After Blogtober finishes I intend to go back to my normal schedule of posting on a Wednesday and a Sunday. I would still like to set aside time each day whether it is to work on content ideas, blog posts, or my social media schedule. Having designated time each day should help me to stay focused and stop me getting behind on posts.



This is probably more of a long term aim but I would love to build up a relationship and work with brands that I love. I have worked with brands in the past but I am more selective now than I was because I believe that you should only associate yourself with companies you would already use.

I could very easily waffle on about everything I would love to achieve with the blog but  I want to keep my goals achieveable. If I end up trying to focus on too many things at once I think I would lose sight of my aims. Do you have any blogging goals? I would love to hear them!

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