Learning To Love Flats

As you know I am a serious fan of heels, I’ve just never really got on with flats at all. Even all the pairs of boots that I own have some kind of chunky heel. With winter approaching heels aren’t always the best footwear particularly if we get ice and snow. With this in mind I thought that I would spend a (working) week wearing flats to see if I end up coveting them as much as my beloved heels.

Day One.

My sister is over for the day today so we popped in to Newmarket just to pick up a few bits. I wore a beautiful pair of white flats with a pointed toe and black bow detailing from Cuckoo Clothing in Cambridge and I actually couldn’t wait to road test them. We parked in the car park behind TK Maxx and made our way down the high street to Boots which isn’t far at all. Luckily we were going there as I ended up stocking up on padded plasters as the shoes had completely scraped my heels. This week is not off to a good start.

Day Two.

Decided that a shoe change is needed today so I’ve gone for a pair of black flats with a pointed toe and ankle strap with the hope that the ankle strap will keep them on and stop any rubbing. Just a quick trip to the supermarket today but even that was too much. I’m guessing that because I don’t wear these shoes very much at all that they have never had the chance to be worn in. No blisters but sore heels.

Photo by Pippa from Clashing Time

Day Three.

Today’s flats are a white pair from Warehouse with a pointed toe and strap round the ankle. I have high hopes for today as I wore these shoes all through the summer. I hate flip flops with a passion and it was just too warm for boots so I had to give in. I had to go to the bank today so walked through town. Absolutely no pain thank god although my heels are still a bit uncomfortable from the last couple of days. How do people wear pumps every day, and especially for work?


Day Four.

Shooting blog photos today which means I won’t actually be in flats all day. I will have my over knee boots on as well as my brown ankle boots. I’m working on a post about productivity (which has since gone live) so my white pointed toe loafers from the start of the week are making an appearance. Luckily I managed to make it from the car to my location without any pain. Maybe I need to gradually build up the time I’m wearing them for? Are my heels just that sensitive? I never get this trouble with stilettos!

Day Five.

Off into Cambridge today to check out some of the independant boutiques. I cheated slightly as I packed my All Saints heeled ankle boots in my bag so I could look a little more presentable. I decided to wear my Nike trainers today which is something I would never have considered before. I only use my trainers for running or working out. I wouldn’t dream for wearing them out and about. I have my dark blue skinny jeans, white shirt and black and white striped blazer on. I actually quite like the contrast between my outfit and the footwear. As it happens I didn’t bother changing my shoes and stayed in trainers all day. I got up to walking speeds I could have only dreamed of in my heels, am I actually beginning to enjoy this little experiment.

Flat shoes have definitely grown on me through this mini experiment. I did wonder what I had let myself in for at the start of the week because they were just so uncomfortable. Am I a flat heel convert? Yes and no to be honest. I loved how super quick I could walk in them and I didn’t have to worry about where I was putting my feet when going over cobbles. I have since been to Cambridge again in trainers which I never thought I would do. I couldn’t give up my heels but I now feel like I don’t have to be wearing them everytime I leave the house.

Which do you prefer, flats or heels?

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