How To Shop Designer On A Budget

Anyone who knows me well will know that I have a love of all things designer. It is almost like a compulsion which is not at all ideal when you don’t have the bank balance to match. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe that you have to own designer. It also doesn’t mean that I won’t buy from the high street, just that I like to mix and match. I just like owning more luxury items whether it is clothes, accessories or beauty products.

If there is a purchase I am considering making then there are a couple of things I do to get the best deal.

Wardrobe clear our and ebay.

If I want to buy new things I have a good clear out of anything I haven’t worn in the last six months or that I know I won’t wear again. Anything that has only been worn once or twice goes on ebay and anything else is donated to charity. The money I get from ebay goes towards what I want to buy.

Mulberry Mini Alexa
Image by Alice from The Middle Sister


I am always watching out for the sales. When I decided that I wanted to buy the Mulberry Mini Alexa I waited until just after Christmas as I knew that Mulberry would be having their sale then. I also think that by waiting and not impulse buying it is a good way to see if you still really want something. When you are making a big purchase you really don’t want to regret it.

Buy wisely.

My last point leads into this one. When it comes to shopping designer I will always go for something that I can see myself still loving in five or ten years time. It is always worth going for classic items that won’t go out of fashion. I also tend to go for base colours as you are more likely to get the wear out of something relatively neutral.

Shop around online.

I will always take the time to compare the price of an item on multiple websites. I also make sure that I check out The Outnet as they have some serious bargains. Discount codes are a must so if I can get my hands on one then I’m thrilled. Last winter I have my eye on a pair of over knee boots from Nine West which at £225 were a little more than I really wanted to spend especially around Christmas. I found them with 50% off and then was able to use a discount code which took off another £20. This meant that I ended up paying £93, which wasn’t bad at all considering the original price.


Vestiaire Collective

I couldn’t talk about designer shopping on a budget without mentioning my latest love. Vestiaire Collective is a website that sells pre owned designer items with up to 70% off RRP. Each item is checked before you receive it to guarantee that it is authentic, which I love as I’ve found buying designer from ebay a little risky. I am always checking the site when I have my eye on something, which at the moment happens to be the Bulgari Serpenti Forever bag in metallic gold. I previously bought my Gucci scarf from this site and it was as good as new and came complete with tags. Obviously the better quality an item is it will cost a bit more but that will still be significantly less than brand new.



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  1. This is great post, especially for people like me looking to buy my first piece!

    Dana xx

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      Thank you!x

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