How I Stay Organised And Productive

This past month I have been trying to make sure that I stay organised so that I can keep on top of work and still have time to blog regularly. I think that I have finally perfected my routine and the little things I do to stay on top of tasks, so I thought that I would share them with you today.



Without my phone I would be completely lost. I use it for my emails both for the blog and my work, I have an app which I use to invoice my clients and I obviously keep on top of my social media with it so that I can respond to notifications straight away. Part of me hates relying so heavily on technology but it is part of the job and I actually don’t know how I would cope if I lost it or it broke!



I have a system when it comes to checking my emails and while I have my inbox open on my laptop all day I tend to go through them at the end of the day after finishing work, unless there is something urgent. Paid work comes first so all those emails are dealt with straight away. If I am working with a brand for the blog then these emails come next followed by any potential collaberations and events. This helps me to stay on top of what is going on, people don’t have to wait very long for me to get back to them, and my inboxed is cleared each week.



I am hopeless at using the diary on my phone and much prefer a hand held planner. For the last couple of years I had one diary for work, one for the blog and one for personal use. This turned into a bit of a nightmare as you can imagine so this year I have done things a bit differently. I got a planner from Personal Planner  which meant that I could make it exactly how I want it. I have enough room to write which post goes live on which day, the work I have completed for clients, if I have any events, my to do list, any ideas and what exercise I plan to do. I have been using it for two months (I prefer an academic year diary) and it is perfect as I can view my whole week in an instant.



I would be lost without Buffer, it just makes my blogging life so much easier. If I have a busy day of work ahead or I’m going to be out all day I know that by scheduling my social media my posts are still getting out there. It then leaves me to focus on what I’m doing and I can still reply to tweets and comments from my phone.



If I’m out and about then I generally leave a note on my phone when inspiration strikes, but I much prefer to have an actual notebook. I mentioned in my ‘how I relax and unwind‘ post that I keep a notebook next to my bed. I tend to get most of my ideas late at night so normally keep my notebook here and in my office during the day. It makes it easy to keep all my ideas together and means that I always have new content to share with you.

Do you have any top tips on how you stay organised?

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