Five Ways To Beat The Autumn Blues

Now that the night’s are drawing in and it seems so dark when we get up in the morning it is so easy to feel a bit blue with the changing of the seasons. I love this season but I am missing the warmer weather so I have put together five ways I will be beating the autumn blues.


Make plans

After going to FriendsFest last month I have realised that I actually don’t have anything else planned for the future. I think that it really makes a difference having something to look forward to. Obviously you don’t want to be wishing time away but it’s nice to be able to look forward to catching up with friends and family. It’s really easy to make an excuse to stay home especially now the weather is getting colder.


Get outdoors

Staring at a computer screen all day probably doesn’t do much for my sense of wellbeing so everyday I am going to aim to get outside. This could be something like going for a walk around the block or scheduling in a run.


Eat Well

When the weather is cold and gloomy I think it is so easy to eat loads of stodge so I am going to aim to up the amount of fresh fruit and veg that I eat (she says having just had a bar of Dairy Milk). When I am eating well I feel better about myself, I’m more alert and I sleep better. I also think that by trying to eat more healthy I will be able to fight off all those seasonal germs.


Set a goal

Without having some kind of goal I find that I lose enthusiasm to do anything and I find myself getting bored with my day to day life. This I why I have decided to try and to Blogtober and blog everyday this month. I hate the thought of having to generate content for the sake of it and even though I did Blogmas last Christmas I felt like I compromised my blog a bit. However, after tweaking what Life’s a Catwalk is about I have found that I have so many ideas for posts and I felt excited to blog again which makes Blogtober the perfect opportunity.


Treat yourself

I know you shouldn’t have to buy stuff to make yourself happy and that’s not what I’m saying. It could be treating yourself to that pair of boots you have had your eye on or it could be treating yourself to a meal out with friends. I think that while we should be being nicer to one another, we should also be kinder to ourselves. I am always hard on myself and I am my own worst critic so this season I’m going to be kinder to me. Maybe if I make it to the end of Blogtober I will reward myself with a little treat!


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