How I Relax And Unwind

I have always had trouble being able to relax and my mind runs at a million miles an hour. This past week has been pretty bad as I’ve been worrying about my cat Missy who hasn’t been well. I know that will sound silly but if you have fur babies yourself then you will understand.

I have had problems with insomnia for years, I don’t know if it is because I am at my most creative in the evenings or whether I’m just always on the go. There are several things I do to try and encourage myself to relax and give my mind the chance to switch off.

Beauty products, a book and pillow spray to help you relax

Relax Offline

Social media has not really helped my sleeping issues to be honest. I’m sure you know what its like when you decide to have an early night and then realise two hours has passed and you’re still on Twitter. It’s not just social media that I try to switch off, it’s really my laptop in general. I try and stop any work by 7pm so that any stress from the day has hopefully disappeared by the time I attempt to sleep.


I love a good book and how it gives you the ability to escape into another world. I don’t get this kind of distraction from TV. If I’m watching TV I find it too easy to start thinking about work or my to do list. It doesn’t even have to be a fiction book to be honest, at them moment I’m reading Paris Street Style.


I know a lot of people find a lovely hot bath is a great way to relax but I actually hate baths. They kind of make me feel like I’m just laying there wasting time which doesn’t help me unwind at all. I much prefer a long hot shower and if I’m feeling really stressed I used one of my more ‘luxury’ shower gels like these mini bottles (in above photo) from L’Occitane. I also like to light a candle so the bathroom is filled with soothing aromas. I recently tried a CBD massage candle which once melted can be used as massage oil.

Sleep Spray

If I’ve got in bed and I still don’t feel completely relaxed then I mist some of the This Works Sleep Spray over my pillow. It has a light lavender scent which actually does help me to drift off to sleep. I also sleep with a little pouch of lavender under my pillow every night to help too.


I did start keeping a journal where I would witter away in it every evening after work which would help me get anything off my chest. I kind of got out of the habit of writing in it so this tends to be more intermittent now. What I do instead is keep a notebook next to my bed which I scribble ideas in when they come to me either when I’m trying to sleep or if I wake up in the night. They could be blog post ideas or something I need to do for work but writing them down clears my mind and I don’t have to worrying about trying to remember them in the morning.

Do you have any tips on how you relax and unwind? I would love to give them a go!


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