Autumn Handbag Essentials

As the colder weather arrives I tend to make a few switches in my handbag to prepare for the coming season. Today I thought that I would share with you what I carry around with me day to day.



What kind of blogger would I be if I didn’t have a camera to hand. I like to have one with me in case I come across the perfect Instagram shot or a potential outfit location. If I like my outfit that day then I can shoot there and then which saves time and if not then I have a record of the place to come back to. Obviously I will make a note of the place/ road name but having an image means that I can match it up to the perfect outfit.

Purse, Key, Phone

These are all pretty obvious but I thought it would be weird if I didn’t at least list them.

Hand Cream

This Bee Lovely hand cream from Neal’s Yard is probably my favourite. When it isn’t in my bag it is on my desk as i tend to suffer with really dry hands particularly when the weather is cold. They will be a nightmare as soon as I give in an turn the heating on so having cream with me at all times helps to soothe them. This cream has a sillky smooth consistancy and is absorbed straight into your skin. I hate creams that leave a greasy film! It also has a lovely honey scent and helps save the bees so what more could I want?

Hand Gel

Being self employed I can’t afford to be ill EVER and with the colder weather comes the rise of germs. I am one of those people that never touch railings or door handles if I can help it, but if I have to then hand gel is my best friend.

Lip Balm

I only ever use L’Occitane lip balms and have done for the last couple of years. I find that they actually moisturise my lips where as the more I have used other products they seem to have the opposite effect. I keep one of these on my bed side table which I always apply before bed and the other is in my bag ready to go. This one is from their cherry blossom range.


These are a must year round. They are essential if I do have a cold but they also come in handy for any makeup disasters which tend to happen more often than I really care to admit!

Is there anything you keep in your handbag at this time of year that you would be lost without?


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