My Signature Scent

A scent has the power to transport you to a place or evoke a long lost memory, it can also give a clue to your personality. Like the smell of hair mousse always reminds me of my first holiday abroad without my parents (clearly I was caking that stuff on).


I have been wearing the same perfume for years now. J’Adore by Dior is my absolute favourite. It has a luxurious quality and is the symbol of sophistication and glamour. The bottle just screams elegance with its gold top. I’m not going to lie, what made me sample the scent was the advert with Charlize Theron from 2011 when she gets changed into an incredible gold dress and walks down the catwalk. I actually wanted to be her. I never normally pay any attention to adverts but this one drew me in straight away.

The perfume has a fruity, floral scent without being too overpowering or sweet. There are notes of mandarin, jasmine, plum, orchid and rose and it just smells of glamour and luxury.

Even though I’ve found my signature scent that doesn’t mean I won’t wear other fragrances. I still try out new scents and will wear other perfumes as I don’t want to get bored. I just make sure that if I am going somewhere special that I always wear J’Adore.

Perfume always makes me feel like my outfit is complete like an invisible finishing touch. If you’re looking for your signature scent then consider your fashion style for inspiration. For example if you have a fun, girly look then go for something fruity and sweet but if your style is more boho then a woody, earthy fragrance is for you.

I would love to know what your favourite fragrance is? Are there any perfumes I should be trying out?

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