Leather and Knitwear

I have been busy going through my wardrobe for autumn/ winter outfits this last week or so. I think it is such a waste to buy brand new each year just for the sake of it. A lot of the trends pretty much stay the same anyway so why not just recycle what you have.


I had both these pieces last autumn/ winter and wore them a lot. The trousers are actually leather effect from New Look and the chunky grey roll neck is Missguided. I don’t know why but I never wore them together until now. The jumper always got paired with jeans which I tend to always live in and the trousers got matched up with shirts.


I love how leather and knitwear look when paired together. I think that they balance each other out really well particularly if you have a knitted dress and a leather jacket. My roll neck is really oversized (would you believe this is a size 6?) so my trousers need to be really fitted or I would look swamped in material. I think these trousers do the job perfectly. I have just checked out Missguided and the jumper is still available. You can see from the picture that it’s very slouchy which is why I went for a size smaller than I am.


Of course I had to add my new All Saints boots to the outfit. I know I said that it is a waste to buy new every year but I actually wore last years boots (more of a cowboy style ankle boot) so much that the sole started to come away and my feet were drenched every time it rained. I knew that these All Saints boots would be a great investment for this season as they will go with pretty much anything!


I think that this season I am really going to be embracing different textures in my outfits. I know I am guilty of sticking to the same things within my wardrobe so I’m definitely going to be a bit more adventurous. Are there any other pairings aside from leather and knitwear that I should be trying out?

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