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Dressing For Your Age

I originally wrote this post at the beginning of March and had it sitting in my drafts for several months. When I did decide to post it there was a piece trending with comparisons to mine, so I was reluctant to publish it as I didn’t want to look like it was coming off the back of that. This meant waiting again but it is still something that I feel strongly about so here it is!


Google the phrase ‘dressing for your age’ and you are hit with an abundance of ‘helpful’ tips on what you can and can’t wear past a certain age. It seems that a lot of people are looking for guidance on what they should be wearing as they reach each milestone age.

I turned 30 back in February and all I keep hearing is how I now can’t wear mini skirts or crop tops or skyscraper heels or hooped earrings or body-con dresses or leggings or over sized sunglasses……the list is actually pretty long. What I don’t understand is, what has magically changed between being 29 and being 30? Must my wardrobe now consist of muted tones and two pieces like the internet suggests? Don’t get me wrong I do understand the whole mutton dressed as lamb thing but at the end of the day if I feel comfortable and confident in wearing an outfit that I’m deemed too old for then of course I’m going to wear it. After all, who am I hurting?


I still think of myself as being 18 and do look younger than 30 but this shouldn’t have anything to do with it. I use fashion as a way to express myself and many people use what they wear as a way to show the world who they are. I actually find it really insulting that I am now supposed to obey a set of dull rules that essentially say that once reaching a milestone age we should all look like one another.

The fact that these articles exist also makes me wonder who is looking for this information? Now that I’m 30 have I lost the ability to dress myself? Clearly there is some kind of market for them as Google says there are 1,440,000 results for the phrase ‘dressing your age’. I find that a bit worrying. Do people lose confidence in how they look as they age? I thought that this would be the opposite. As you get older you have realised what styles and cuts suit you the best and you feel happier in your own skin.


I think that we should all be able to wear clothes that we love without worrying what other people think. There is nothing wrong with standing out, after all who really wants to look like everyone else?