Three Ways To Wear A Scarf

I have got a bit of a thing for scarves at the moment. I just think they make the perfect autumn/ winter accesory. To be honest with you I have always been a bit obsessed with scarves and have more than any normal person should. This beautiful Gucci scarf is the latest addition to my collection and it has inspired this blog post.


I have recently discovered Vestiaire Collective which is a website selling pre-owned designer items with 30-70% off the retail price which is the perfect way for me to fund my designer habit without having to fork out huge sums of money (more on this website coming soon on the blog). Anyway, as soon as I saw this scarf I knew I had to have it so in today’s post I’m showing you my fave three ways to style it.


Around your neck

As obvious as it sounds I thought this was a good place to start. There are multiple ways to wear it around your neck but I prefer to fold the scarf diagonally to get the maximum length and the roll it up into one long piece of material. I then wrap this twice around my neck and knot it to secure it. I think this is such a chic way to wear it and its a great way to make a simple outfit look more stylish.


As a belt

I think this works best on denim jeans or shorts although I have seen people wear it with skirts. Simply thread the scarf through the loops of your jeans then tie in a double knot. As with tying it round your neck, I think it looks best with the knot off centre.


Tied to your bag

I absolutely love this way to wear a scarf. I like to knot it wear the chain meets the bag but you can also wrap it around the handle or shoulder strap. I think it is a great way to dress up your bag and give it more of a luxe look.

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