How To Get Your Enthusiasm Back For Blogging

Earlier this year I completely lost my enthusiasm for blogging. I didn’t know what direction to take my blog in and I had a serious case of bloggers block. I didn’t blog for a month (I have previously posted about my blogging break) and took this time to rediscover my love of blogging. I thought I would share my top tips for getting back into it.


Find inspiration elsewhere.

There is nothing worse than sitting at your desk staring at your laptop desperately trying to write. Get out and about and enjoy a change of scenery. Why not make use of your local coffee shop? Even going for a walk can help spark creativity. I find going for a run helps me as I can clear my mind making room for fresh new ideas.


Feature something you love.

You are not going to enjoy writing about something just for the sake of creating content, your readers will be able to tell that your heart wasn’t in it. Did you enjoy a great day out with your family, a spot of afternoon tea or a meal out with friends? Once you start writing about something fun then your post will flow.


Set a schedule.

After my blogging break I posted a few times intermittently and then decided that I would regularly post twice per week. Setting a schedule means I plan time for my posts so I don’t feel rushed. I also note down ideas dfor posts as they come to me rather than sitting down to write and hoping for the best. This means that I have a constant supply of ideas and I can pick which one I’m in the mood to write.


Meet like minded people.

I have met some great new friends through blogger meet ups and I would be lost without them. It is hard for non bloggers to understand what blogging is let alone the pressure we sometimes feel to produce relevant, engaging content. It’s also great to be able to bounce ideas off eachother and get together for outfit phots. I think my non blogger friends wouldn’t feel quite so comfortable taking photos of me in front of a strangers Instagram worthy home. You don’t have to connect with bloggers in person, there is of course Facebook and Twitter. I love taking part in chats and being part of the blogging community that way.



I really found it helpful to read other blogs and it was great inspiration in making me want to get mine back up and running. You also get ideas for posts and a lot of bloggers have written posts specifically to give you inspiration. Make sure you also take the time to comment while you’re there and don’t be afraid to share another bloggers post on your social media platforms if you really enjoyed it. Leaving a comment also encourages conversation which can lead to more post ideas.


How do you stay enthusiastic about blogging?

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  1. emmasmithproofreader
    August 11, 2016 / 11:28 pm

    I can so relate to this; bloggers block happens all too easily and I sometimes think, ‘why am I bothering?’ Great tips, Gem. I definitely need to get better at scheduling! xx

    Emma |

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