Why You Should Experiment With Your Style

I don’t know about you but I feel like there are so many versions of me. There is the me that loves stylish monochrome and the me that can’t resist bold colours and out there prints. Why can’t I be both people? Who says that we have to pick one look and commit to it. Our moods change all the time so why can’t our style?

Image by Alice – The Middle Sister

I have always been a jeans and vest kind of girl and if you see me day to day then you will probably notice that I hardly ever have any makeup on. If I have a meeting or am seeing friends then of course I make an effort; it would be rude not to. I just hate wasting a great outfit and makeup on an insignificant day.

Image by Pippa – Clashing Time

I rarely wear a dress and never went to my prom; I couldn’t think of anything worse. Dresses and skirts just aren’t my style, I much prefer a pair of tailored trousers and a blazer. Recently I have been giving my wardrobe a bit of thought as I like to look back and see how my style has evolved. Admittedly this is always a bit embarrassing as there are obviously things I wouldn’t consider wearing now (skirts over trousers anyone?). Experimenting with fashion is fun and you shouldn’t be afraid to try something new. Me and my friends could all buy the same item of clothing but it would look so different on each of us because we all have different styles. That’s what I love about fashion, the fact that you can take one simple piece of clothing and just by adding a different pair of shoes or accessories you can adapt it to so many different occasions.

Image by Pippa – Clashing Time

Experimenting with your style also gives you the chance to see what suits you and your body shape best. I can tell instantly if the shape of a skirt or cut of a pair of trousers will look right on me. I definitely want to branch out a bit more and start wearing skirts and dresses as if I do ever decide to wear one it’s always for a special occasion or night out. I’m trying to start wearing them more in the day especially as it would be quite nice to get out of jeans when the weather is warm.

Image by Alice – The Middle Sister

I think this peach scuba midi skirt that I bought from ASOS about two years ago (and have worn once) is perfect for easing me into a girlier look. The polka dot shirt is one of my wardrobe faves, I wear it all the time with jeans. I don’t know what made me try it with the skirt but I love how it looks. The little white bag is New Look and actually comes with a shoulder strap but looks great without it for this outfit. I have always been a lover of heels so decided to treat myself to these Jimmy Choos. They are actually surprisingly comfortable; my feet just hate flat shoes.

Image by Pippa – Clashing Time

A special thank you to Alice and Pippa for taking the time to shoot some fabulous outfit photos for me. Make sure you go and check out their blogs!


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