New Year Style Resolutions

I’m not really one for New Year resolutions (although I have been working on my 30 before 30) but when it comes to clothes I can make an exception. I feel like I need to work on my ‘look’ more this year, I definitely need some kind of recognisable style! ¬†Hopefully by listing my resolutions here I will actually have to do them.


Clear out my wardrobe.

I suffer with that common problem where you have a wardrobe and drawers stuffed full of clothes and yet I still have nothing to wear. I think I am going to have to get my sister to help with this one, I’m not very good at being ruthless. I saw a great tip where you place the hangers the wrong way in your wardrobe and when you wear something you put it back the right way. Anything still facing the wrong way after six months you should get rid off (unless you have a very good reason).

Wear dresses and skirts more.

I permanently live in jeans, I just can’t help it! They are so comfortable, go with anything, and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. If I’m not in jeans then it is tailored trousers and heels. I do own one skirt which featured on my most recent OOTD. I need to branch out into dresses and skirts more, it would be nice to sometimes look a bit more girly – I can’t believe I just said this.

Don’t compromise on fit.

I think we are all guilty of this. “Its ok I can just wear it with a belt”, “the length is fine if I only wear with flats/heels”, and even “it will be perfect when I lose a couple of pounds”. If something doesn’t fit well than don’t buy it. There is nothing worse than squeezing yourself into something too small. My problem is I don’t seem to be a conventional size so a pair of trousers may be the the perfect size but too long. I need to get into the habit of having things taken up or altered to fit properly as it makes a huge difference to your overall look.

Spend less on fast fashion.

To be honest I don’t spend much on fast fashion anyway but I do tend to spend a bit more now that I am self employed. I would like to buy less and spend more on good quality wardrobe staples, pieces that won’t go out of style, rather than items than I can only wear a couple of months.

Accessorise more.

While I always accessorise with the ‘right’ handbag I am useless when it comes to wearing jewellery. I have just bought a beautiful Daniel Wellington watch with a rose gold face and black leather strap. I am going to make more effort to wear more, even if it is just a necklace. I also have a lovely screw bracelet from Bacoca Boutique and I have my eye on several more pieces so I shall be adding to the collection.

Don’t care what others think.

I am pretty good at this already but occasionally I will want to wear something and then consider where I am going or who I am going with and then think I may stand out too much. Maybe if I lived in London this wouldn’t be a issue but my little town is hardly the centre of fashion. If I want to wear something then I should just wear it, sod what anyone else thinks!

Have you got any New Year Style Resolutions?


    • January 5, 2016 / 9:43 am

      They are just so easy to wear. I always have to think about my outfit more if it involves dresses or skirts!

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