Heels Vs Flats

Before a night out most of us spend the longest time deciding what to put on our feet. There was a time when we would automatically reach for the shoes with the highest heel but the popularity of flats is on the rise. With party season in full swing I debate whether heels or flats are the way to go especially as flats are no longer just functional; they have also become fashionable.

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Heels have the ability to take a relatively plain outfit and elevate it so that you look like you have made much more effort than you have. They have the power to make you look smarter, walk taller, and hold yourself better. Many argue that heels are empowering as your confidence can increase just by slipping on a pair.

If you choose heels don’t go too high if you can’t comfortably walk, there is nothing worse than looking like Bambi on ice. Buy them with a soft inner sole and consider investing in Party Feet. When it comes to walking you should take a shorter stride and place your foot with your weight evenly on the ball and heel. This should stop you twisting an ankle or snapping a stiletto.

Flats on the other hand let you dance the night away without your feet going numb, or ending up in a world of pain as you give up on your night out and hobble for a taxi. They also offer you considerably more stability than a heel and there is minimal risk of falling over in a flat (unless you really are that accident prone/ drunk).

If you do decide to rock a flat shoe then go for a style with an almond shaped toe and aim to contrast your outfit with your footwear. For example, if you are wearing a princess like tulle skirt consider trying casual, almost sporty flats.

But what it really comes down to is personal preference and what you feel most comfortable in. For me it is the highest of heels. I love how they make you strut your stuff and to be honest I actually find them more comfortable. I have worn heels most of my life and every time I attempt anything like a ballet pump my feet are ripped to shreds. Any tips to stop this happening would be much appreciated!

Let me know which you prefer, are you team heels or team flats?


Heels from House of CB. Flats are from River Island. Images from store websites.

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