Clutch Bag Essentials

When it comes to getting ready for a night out I know my trusty Lulu Guinness Black Satin Postcard Felicity Clutch won’t let me down.

Whether I am heading to a bar or a Christmas party I want to travel light so my everyday handbag just won’t cut it.

Below is my list of clutch essentials that will see you through every possible eventuality.

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Cash/ Cards/ I.D

I am not one for carrying cash normally but it is always handy on a night out especially if you end up getting a taxi. I normally have a large Mulberry Continental Purse which isn’t exactly practical and it takes up so much space in a clutch. I tend to take out my credit card and I.D and either put them in a coin purse or slip them in a slot in my bag.

Make Up For Touch Ups

Lipstick is a must have on any night out but you can guarantee half way through the night you glass will be wearing more of it. I always make sure I take powder with me if I intend on dancing the night away.

Hairbrush/ Grips/ Hair Ties

If the weather intends on staying like this then a hairbrush will definitely be required. My hair is at the length where it’s too short to tie all of it up but long enough to be blown all over my face; knots are unavoidable.


When chatting at the bar or at one of those stupidly small tables fresh breath is a must. I also hate the after taste once you have had a couple of drinks.

Mini perfume

Mini perfume bottles are great when you want to refresh your scent, and no one wants to carry a full size bottle around.


I love a good dance, and I also love buy new shoes. These two things do not mix well when you never wear your shoes in. Cue slightly shredded feet. The careful application of a plaster can keep you on the dance floor that little bit longer.

Pack of tissues

You never know when a tissue could come in handy from finding there is no toilet roll to blotting your lipstick.

What are your Clutch Bag Essentials that you can’t leave the house without?


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