Festive Fashion Fails

Every year we are struck with the same dilemma, what to wear to all the Christmas parties. You obviously want to enter into the festive spirit but also look good at the same time. Unfortunately many of us make what can only be described as festive fashion fails. I have put together my top five so you know what to avoid.


Too Much Sparkle

This is a case of less is more so there is no need to turn up to your office party wearing a glittery dress, sequin jacket, metallic heels, and diamante jewellery. Remember, a touch of glitz goes a long way so focus on just the one sparkly item. After all, who wants to compete with the Christmas decs.

Dressing Inappropriately

Skirts that can only be described as wide belts and dresses slashed to the waist are looks that are impossible to pull off. Leaving something to the imagination looks a million times better than letting it all hang out. Focus on showing off your best features so go for a halter neck if you have toned arms and shoulders or a skirt with a little split if you have great legs.

Too Many Accessories

Accessories should complement your outfit so avoid putting on every piece of jewellery that you own. Of course go for bold accessories but keep that piece as the focus; so if you have a beautiful statement necklace avoid glitzy earrings. Too many items just end up looking tacky.

Overly Complicated Outfit

Trying to match every single item is such hard work. You can’t go wrong with a little black dress (for ideas check out my top 10) and then all you have to select are your accessories. A LBD can be worn to pretty much any event which is another big advantage. Hair and makeup can also be kept simple, just slick on a fabulous red lipstick.

Having Nothing To Wear

I hate being invited to an event or party and having nothing to wear. To solve this I am going to keep a few classic pieces like a LBD and well fitting tailored trousers in my wardrobe. Classic pieces can be worn time again and can look completely different just by changing your accessories and makeup.

Are there any festive fashion fails you think I have missed? If I had to pick one I would probably say I have been guilty of too much sparkle. Have you made any yourself, I won’t judge! ;)

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