Fashion Advent Calendars

The supermarkets are currently flooded with advent calendars and if it isn’t chocolate its beauty calendars packed full of nails polishes and lip balms. But what about us fashion lovers? Don’t worry, some of our favourite brands have come to the rescue with accessories and even underwear!

Freedom at Topshop Tree Advent Calendar

freedom topshop calendar
Freedom at Topshop £28

Perfect for anyone that loves their jewellery. The Freedom Christmas tree shaped advent calendar has 24 doors featuring 13 pairs of earrings, 8 ditsy necklaces and 3 ditsy fine bracelets. These accessories should see you through the party season!

Ted Baker Wish Advent Calendar

Ted Baker Advent Calendar
Ted Baker £89

Staying with the accessory theme we have Ted Baker. In this luxury calender you receive a rose god plated bracelet and seven different charms. The calendar has 24 windows and the charms and special notes are split per window. Come Christmas you will have a glam bracelet to wear on the big day.

The Enclosed Advent Calendar

The Enclosed Advent Calendar
The Enclosed $1000

For the rather princely sum of $1,000 (or $41.66 a pair), you can create a gift for yourself or someone special. When you place your order you fill out a survey based on your preferences such as style, cut, and size. The Enclosed will then choose for you based on your preferences or you can request a specific pair.

I have to say the Ted Baker calendar is probably my favourite because you are working on creating one piece of jewellery. Which would you choose? Do you have your advent calendar this year?

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