Judy’s Vintage Fair

If your Facebook is anything like mine then Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair will regularly pop up. Many of my friends have liked the page and I am aware that the fair regularly visits my local city, but what is Judy’s Vintage Fair?

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If you love all things vintage then the fair is for you as it provides fans with affordable vintage clothing, accessories, and homewares. Founded in 2005 by Judy Berger, Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair now pops up in 30 cities giving shoppers the chance to own vintage for up to 75% less than high street prices.

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The fair is coming to The Guildhall Cambridge on Saturday 28th November and I shall hopefully be making my way there to pick up a few pieces. What I love about the whole concept is getting the chance to own things that no one else has as I hate walking down the street and you see someone in nearly the same outfit as you. I also love that by buying vintage it is essentially like recycling which is perfect for me as I really dislike our wasteful throw away culture.

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You will be in good company shopping this eclectic marketplace as the likes of¬†Florence & the Machine, Chloe Sevigny, Daisy Lowe and Pixie Lott are said to be fans. I can’t wait to head to my first one! Have you been to Judy’s Vintage Fair before? What did you think and do you have any tips for a first time shopper?


Images taken with permission from Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair Facebook page.

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