Firmoo Glasses Review*

When I was contacted by Firmoo asking if I was interested in reviewing a pair of glasses of my choice I jumped at the chance. Firmoo are the world’s most popular online glasses store offering a wide range of prescription eyewear at affordable prices.

I had a browse through the collection and finally settled on a pretty pair of blue frames. The website suggests that you compare the size of the frames against your old glasses, allowing for a difference of 5mm. They show the measurements of each of their frames to make things nice and easy for you.

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Now my current glasses are from the children’s section which has the advantage of making them considerably cheaper but is not really something you want to share with people when you are actually 29. I have been wanting to try a different frame shape and have tried various frames with a similar style to this blue pair at my local opticians, so I had my fingers crossed they would suit me.

Glasses have always been a bit of a nightmare for me and I tend to wear my contacts all the time. My problem is that I wear lash extensions which means wearing my glasses halfway down my nose or face being unable to open and shut my eyes. The style of my current frames, very small rectangular lenses, means that my lashes will just sit on top. I am hoping that with larger frames it fixes the problem.

I ordered my Firmoo glasses on the 9th September and they arrived on 14th September made up to my prescription with 1.57 thin, light lenses and anti-reflection and anti-UV coatings. I absolutely love the colour and the frames are accurate to the image shown on the website. Overall the fit is good which is great considering I am quite petite.


For a spot on fit Firmoo do recommend visiting your local optician and I will be doing this for a couple of tweaks, just with the arms so that the glasses sit slightly better on my face. I am really pleased with my glasses and would recommend the site for their variety of stylish frames and the speedy service they provide.

New customers can receive 15% off by following the link for a coupon code valid on all frames site wide!

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