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I am always on the lookout for a new brand to worship and This is ADAY has filled that post nicely. Combining two of my great loves, ADAY merges fashion and fitness so you always look the part whether you are heading to a meeting, a yoga class, or brunch with the girls. This new approach to dressing for an active lifestyle was founded by Nina Faulhaber and Meg He, who recognised a need for clothing that could effortlessly switch between all aspects of your life.


As you would expect Nina and Meg have been super busy since the launch but very kindly took the time to answer my questions.

For those that don’t know, what does ADAY mean?

ADAY is about ease and efficiency, slip something on and get moving. We aren’t just an activewear brand or a fashion brand, we are an active lifestyle brand. We wanted clothes that we could wear into the office, to the gym, and then out with friends in the evening; so we made them. We combine high­tech performance fabrics with sleek­sharp silhouettes to work to your advantage throughout your active day ­ so your only worry is where to speed to next.


I read that you both met through work, how did this develop into setting up your own brand?

We met in 2010 at Goldman Sachs in London where we both worked in M&A, and we ran into each other at the GS gym constantly. This is where we became friends over a shared fascination for the digital work ­ and our respective collections of designer heels and Nike shoes. We both had a shared passion for working out, travelling, and we also prioritised a healthy work­life balance. We realised that we were constantly carrying huge gym bags on top of our office bags, and we wanted to find a solution for our wardrobe to become more efficient with our active lifestyle

What sets you apart from other athleisure brands?

ADAY provides the customer with a transitional wardrobe, we aren’t one or the other, we are about being active in style and performing well. ADAY is there to work around you, and make you look and feel great at the same time. Unlike other active­wear we consider style and aesthetics just as important as function. I own a ton of active­wear that is great for my weekend spin class, but I’m not sure if I would wear them out for dinner. With ADAY, that isn’t something I even need to consider.


How did you decide on what materials to use?

Our goal was to get a perfect balance of technological fabrics that performed well, but still looked good, so we reached out to a factory in Portugal that we knew fit this criteria. As a result, our fabrics are of olympic­ performance standard and that will always apply to all our products. The factory we use also produces Balenciaga and Alexander Wang so we are in extremely good company.

How do you see ADAY developing?

We have lots of fun plans! For the immediate future this includes the official launch in London and some beautiful summer garments. In the longer term, we are working hard on our winter collection, including more outerwear, that will help battle the colder chills with a new category of fibres. We are also considering doing menswear, as we get so many requests everyday, which is very exciting.


It is not often that I identify so closely with a brand and their whole ethos, but This is ADAY really speaks to me. This is only part one of my post featuring them, in part two I will be putting a couple of their pieces through their paces so watch out for my review. In the mean time check out their website or go and give them a follow on twitter.

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