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I was approached by ETB Fit who asked me if I would give some insight into my fitness routine and what fuels my workout.

As you may know I am currently training for the Race For Life 10k and have also entered the London Marathon Ballot. At the moment my workouts have really centered around running as i focus on increasing distance, but I have been doing a bit of body weight training and am starting cycling and swimming again to build up my overall fitness and muscle tone. This post will be based around what I do before, during, and after a run.

run 1

Ideally I like to go for a run first thing in the morning in which case I will eat a small bowl of porridge, yoghurt and granola, or just grab a banana, at least an hour before I go. I am conscious that while I prefer not to eat too early, if I didn’t I would be lacking energy from not having eaten for about 12 hours. Recently I have been running late afternoon because of work so I don’t tend to eat anything special beforehand as I don’t feel I need it. Staying hydrated is important and I am guilty of not drinking enough, I also hate the feeling of water sloshing around in my stomach so I make sure I don’t down a glass of water right before I go. I need to get better at regularly drinking throughout the day.

The right running playlist is important so I make sure I have a designated playlist. I previously talked about how beneficial listening to music can be in my #CurrysMonsterMashUp post which you can read here. In it is a link to tracks that are great for boosting your performance, based on scientific evidence.

Switching up your workouts is another way to stay motivated and challenge yourself. I am in the process of gradually increasing the distance I am running, mainly focusing on work off road. To mix things up a bit I have started introducing a bit of road running. Throwing in running uphill also helps to challenge me as it works different muscles, quickens your stride, and helps to develop your cardiovascular system. I have a longer run that I really enjoy and tend to do this on a weekend, so it’s almost like a reward for a good weeks training. I love running so I never find it a chore, but by adding in cycling and swimming I hope to keep my motivation.

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As I said my last few workouts have been in the afternoon so when I return I make sure that my evening meal contains a healthy dose of protein – normally fish or chicken. Sometimes if I have done a particularly gruelling workout I will have a protein shake to aid recovery. I also use this time to rehydrate, I never take water out with me so when I get home I’m always thirsty.

I have just discovered that ETB Fit have some of the markets cleanest pre workout supplements. Having a look through their site I came across the Grizzly Whey Pure Isolate Protein Powder which is protein in its purest form, is fat free, and has less calories than other leading brands. It is also available in some delicious sounding flavours – chocolate peanut butter anyone? I think I may have to give this a go!

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