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A simple solution to wardrobe woes!

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All girls will be familiar with the feeling that comes with opening your closet, and having nothing to wear. At some point, we’ve all gone, “No matter how many clothes I have, I still have nothing to wear.” Of course, we’re all aware that this is simply because we’ve run out of ideas. Mixing and matching our favorite clothes can be quite tiring, and the truth is, 80% of the time, women only wear 20% of the clothes in their wardrobe. The Chic Fashionista has come up with a great step-by-step solution for this wardrobe woe, which involves cleaning out and organizing your closet, and it’s pretty easy to follow. One item on the list, however, stands out: “Try every possible outfit combination with your new, existing closet.” You might be thinking, “Well, I’ve done that already!” You probably feel like you’ve already exhausted every possible combination of clothes in your wardrobe. Once again, Boohoo comes to the rescue — this time, with a great bingo game! Bingo has recently seen a resurgence, what with technology being able to bring better opportunities for the game to infiltrate bigger markets. According to research by Bingo Finds, the U.K.’s bingo market is now worth upwards of $556,000,000! Gaming Realms, who won “Best Boutique Bingo site” for in 2013, say that most of the success of online bingo comes from the incorporation of social features into the game, making it more engaging to players.

This is also what makes Boohoo’s Wardrobe Bingo solution so effective. It not only helps you create an almost infinite set of outfits from your existing wardrobe, but also lets you create a sort of lookbook or catalogue that you can share with your friends. If there’s anything we’ve learned from the proliferation of Pinterest boards and Instagram accounts all featuring #OOTDs, girls will jump at the chance to be able to show off their outfits.

To play Wardrobe Bingo, pick out five of the following items from your closet: Tops, Bottoms, Shoes, Accessories. Now snap a photo of each of the items, and construct a bingo card with the items by arranging them into a 4×5 grid, creating one row for each category. You should then have a card with the top row for tops, the second row for bottoms, the third row for shoes, and the last row for accessories. Label each of the items with a number from 1-5. You could also construct the card with a column each for each category, and even add a category for hats and bags.

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Each time you need to dress up, roll a die for each category, and select the item that corresponds with the number you rolled. If you roll a six, consider it as a free pick and wear whichever item you want. Do this for all categories until you come up with a complete outfit! Put on your random outfit and snap a photo for your #OOTD!





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