New Year Resolutions!

happy new year

Happy New Year! I hope you are not too hungover.

I never normally bother with New Year resolutions but this year I thought why not. I have always avoided them in the past as I think before you have even reached the end of January the novelty has worn off and you can no longer be bothered. I am however one of those people that if  I write a check list I have to do everything on it, so why not make that list public for all to see. That way you will all know if I fail miserably – I am hoping the fear of failure will help me succeed.

So what should go on my list? Well as someone who doesn’t smoke, hardly drinks and has no debt (god my life sounds boring) a little thought was required. I decided to start by tweaking things that I already do and then added a couple of new aims at the end.

1. Make more time for photography.

I am studying for my Photography Degree part time and I really want to progress at a faster rate than I am so I intend to schedule one day a week to study. If I am quiet with work then any extra days should be taken up with coursework rather than completely wasted.

2. Regularly blog.

At the moment I aim to blog three times a week but that quite often goes out the window. Usually because of laziness, poor time management or purely as I am out of ideas. I think that having posts go out every Monday and Thursday is more realistic and will fit in better with everything else I am trying to do at the same time. I will also note down blog post ideas as I think of them so I can plan ahead.

3. Develop Freelance Writing.

In July I left my full time job to work for myself as a Freelance Writer. It has been hard work (I knew it would be) and it is so competitive but I definitely made the right decision going for it. This year I really need to step up my efforts and increase my client base. I love writing for magazines but I have also found that I enjoy providing copy for businesses so I will am to expand that side of things.

4. Fitness.

I need to get back in to training again and really want to focus on strength and flexibility. I really want to be able to do the splits – I don’t really know why I have a fixation on this! After completing a trial with Sleek Technique I will definitely be signing up to monthly membership. I must also get back into running.

5. Try an Extreme Sport.

This area probably needs a bit more thought and narrowing down considerably. I am still considering the jumping out of a plane idea. I really want to go white water rafting but I am not sure that is extreme enough. I think that I may have to come back to this.

6. Visit Paris.

I have not had a holiday in about 3 years and would love a long weekend break in Paris. There are so many reasons for this from an art perspective, photography and also because it is the fashion capital!

Have you made any New Year Resolutions? Any top tips for sticking to them? Leave me a comment below or tweet me! x


  1. Lucia
    January 9, 2014 / 8:22 pm

    Good luck with your resolutions and happy new year:)
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  2. January 20, 2014 / 8:25 am

    Wish you best of luck for your New Year resolutions. I hope that you will do better this time around. My objective is to shed some unwanted body fat to get back in nice frame. It will take considerable amount of effort but I am prepared to do it in fine way.

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